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Daikokuya is a restaurant located at 9911 Garvey Avenue, El Monte, CA 91733. Daikokuya serves several menus including Appetizers, Specialties And Rice Bowls, Combinations and El Monte Special. Check out the latest price of Daikokuya menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Homemade Gyoza

5 pieces pan fried dumplings with a mix of black pork and vegetables inside. Made fresh every day in store.
10.30 USD


5 pieces flavorful and juicy pork sausages garnished with onion slices and mustard.
8.00 USD

Sliced Roast Pork

Seared pork belly chashu with sweet glaze and green onions.
10.75 USD

Shiso Age

Ground spicy tuna wrapped in a shiso leaf and deep fried in tempura batter.
7.95 USD


5 pieces octopus ball.
8.75 USD

Chicken Teriyaki

Roasted tender dark thigh meat collaborated with our original teriyaki sauce.
11.50 USD


Our crunchy and juicy deep fried breaded pork cutlet.
11.50 USD

California Roll

8 Pieces. Imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, kalware radish.
9.95 USD

Spicy Tuna Roll

8 Pieces. Avocado and tuna rolled with a kick.
11.50 USD


Boiled soy beans.
6.00 USD

Salmon Roll

Fresh Salmon, avocado, cucumber and radish leaf.
11.50 USD

Tekka Roll

Fresh tuna roll.
7.00 USD

Kappa Roll

Cucumber roll.
4.50 USD

Specialties and Rice Bowls

Fried Rice

Onions, green onions, egg, corn, imitation crab, and our chopped chashu pork with rice.
15.00 USD

Pork Cutlet Bowl

Breaded in panko crumbs and deep fried pork cutlet cooked again with egg in a soy sauce marinade. Comes with miso soup and salad.
15.95 USD

Chicken Egg Bowl

Chopped chicken leg cooked with egg and onion in a house soy sauce. Comes with miso soup and salad.
14.50 USD

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Our crispy chicken thigh with teriyaki sauce over a bowl of rice. Comes with miso soup and salad.
15.50 USD

Shredded Pork Bowl

Pork belly grilled and served over rice with green onions, pickled ginger, and a sweet glaze. Comes with miso soup and salad.
16.00 USD

Beef Bowl

Beef bowl with onions and ginger. Comes with miso soup and salad.
15.50 USD

Poke Bowl

Salmon and tuna.
18.50 USD

Salmon Sashimi Rice Bowl

Sliced fresh salmon with sushi rice.
19.50 USD


Daikoku Ramen and Small Pork Cutlet Bowl

Served with a salad.
24.50 USD

Daikoku Ramen and Small Fried Rice

Served with a salad.
24.00 USD

Daikoku Ramen and Small Shredded Pork Bowl

Served with a salad.
24.95 USD

Daikoku Ramen and Small Chicken Egg Bowl

Served with a salad.
23.50 USD

Daikoku Ramen Small Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Served with a salad.
24.00 USD

Daikoku Ramen Small Beef Bowl

Served with a salad.
24.00 USD

Daikoku Ramen and Small Teriyaki Eel Bowl

Served with a salad.
31.50 USD

Daikoku Ramen and Small Poke Bowl

25.50 USD

Daikoku Ramen and Small Salmon Sashimi Bowl

25.50 USD

El Monte Special

Shrimp Pops

Tasty deep fried breaded shrimp on a stick.
8.95 USD

Tofu Nuggets

Deep fried tofu and vegetables with sweet chilli sauce.
7.95 USD

Crunchy Poke Salad

Red leaf lettuce, arugula, tomato, avocado, mayonnaise, and tuna, salmon, or mix poke.
15.00 USD

Chicken Karaage

Deep fried leg meat chicken marinated with soy sauce based sauce.
9.50 USD

Veggie Crispy Roll

Deep fried vegetable spring roll.
6.00 USD

Geso Age

Deep fried squid legs.
9.95 USD


Daikoku Ramen

Tonkatsu soup base infused with our secret blended soy sauce. Tender pork belly chashu, marinated boiled egg, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, green onions, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.
17.00 USD

Spicy Miso Ramen

Mild spicy miso with pork broth and thicker egg noodles.
18.00 USD


Too hot, noodles cooled under running water, seared chashu, and all the other fixings separated and ready for dipping in a bowl of delicious pork broth.
18.00 USD

Vegan Tomato Ramen

No MSG vegan tomato ramen. 4 piece of tomato, zucchini, arugula on top.
17.50 USD

Vegan Spicy Sesame Ramen

Comes with cooked bean sprouts, green onion, sliced garlic, carrot.
17.50 USD

To Go Ramen Set for 2 !

Our Original Frozen noodles and Soups(2 sets). You can put your favorite toppings and make your own Daikoku Ramen at your home!
11.20 USD

To Go Ramen Set for 2 with Toppings

Our Original Frozen noodles and Soups(2 sets). comes with 2 Eggs, 4 slices Chashu pork, Green onions, bean sprouts, bamboo shoot.
19.00 USD

Original Dressing Bottle

Daikokuya Original dressing Bottle
8.50 USD



2.50 USD


2.50 USD

Apple Juice

3.50 USD

Calpico Water

4.00 USD

Calpico Soda

4.00 USD

Ramune Soda

4.00 USD

Premium Green Tea

Tea bag.
2.00 USD

Sides and Extras


Cabbage salad with original dressing.
2.00 USD

Miso Soup

Japanese sIde miso soup.
2.00 USD


Steamed white rice.
2.00 USD

Bamboo Shoot

2.25 USD

Bean Sprouts

1.25 USD


1.50 USD

Chili Oil

0.75 USD


2.00 USD


0.50 USD

Japanese Mayo

0.75 USD

Red Ginger

0.50 USD

Red Pepper

0.25 USD

Spicy Miso Bomb

2.00 USD


0.50 USD


Wet seaweed.
1.75 USD

Teriyaki Sauce

1.00 USD


0.50 USD

Half Size Rice Bowls

Half Size Fried Rice

Half size fried rice : imitation crab, pork, egg, green onion, white onion comes with red ginger.
9.00 USD

Half Size Chicken and Egg rice Bowl

8.50 USD

Half Size ChickenTeriyaki rice Bowl

9.50 USD

Half Size Chashu Pork Bowl

9.95 USD

Half Size Beef Bowl

9.50 USD

Half Size Pork Cutlet Bowl

9.50 USD

Half Size Poke Bowl

9.95 USD

Beer (Must be 21 to purchase)

Sapporo Beer

Must be 21 to purchase.
9.00 USD
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