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Mole Y Abuela is a restaurant located at 1202 North Franklin Street, Tampa, FL 33602. Mole Y Abuela serves several menus including Brunch, Bocadas Pequenos, Tapas and Embutidos Y Carnes Frias. Check out the latest price of Mole Y Abuela menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.



Cage free eggs, salsa roja, chilies salsa, house corn tortilla chips, avocado and cotija.
13.00 USD

Churro Waffle

Whipped crema, honey butter, maple syrup, dulce de leche.
11.00 USD

Breakfast Burrito

Benton's bacon, chilies salsa, papas bravas, chihuahua cheese, black bean and mole verde.
14.00 USD

Carne Asada & Eggs

Cage free eggs, mole verde, chilies salsa, chicharron, mixed greens and pickled onion.
25.00 USD

Huevos Rancheros

Cage free eggs, black beans, chorizo, avocado salsa and cotija.
13.00 USD

Tortilla de Patatas

Spanish potato and onion omelet, mixed greens, pickled onion, roasted tomato and manchego.
10.00 USD

Torta Milanesa

Chicken cutlet, garlic aioli, avocado, pickled carrot and jalapeno and tomato.
15.00 USD

Barbocoa Torta Ahogada "Drowned Torta"

Chili and mint yogurt, spiced chickpeas, mizzuna and field greens and shaved carrot.
17.00 USD

Horchata Bomboloni Bread Pudding

Almond custard, Mexican cinnamon and dulce de leche.
14.00 USD

Avocado Toast

Cage free eggs, heirloom tomatoes, radish, pickled onion and cotija.
10.00 USD

Bocadas Pequenos

Stuffed Peppers

Cotija cheese, serrano ham, salsa verde.
8.00 USD

Eggs Diablo

Butter poached shrimp and smoked paprika.
6.00 USD

Pan con Tomate y Jamon

Jamon serrano, pan de cristal, grated tomato.
8.00 USD


Pickled jalapeno, tajin, sea salt, lime.
8.00 USD

Shrimp Escabeche

Pimiento escabeche, hojiblanca olives, Spanish olive oil.
12.00 USD

Lamb & Pork Meatballs

Mole blanca, cotija cheese, yogurt chili mint sauce, pickled peppers, parsley salad.
13.00 USD


Papas Bravas

Rosemary salted potatoes, garlic and brava aioli.
8.00 USD

Jamon & Cheese Croquettes

Sherry and grapefruit dressing, sun-dried tomatoes, Spanish olives, pinenuts.
16.00 USD

Fried Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Valdeon blue cheese, mole negra, salsa verde.
6.00 USD

Embutidos Y Carnes Frias

Free range, acorn-fed, legendary native black-footed iberico pigs of Spain.

Iberico de Bellota

48-month cured ham.
26.00 USD

Salchichon Iberico de Bellota

Cured acorn-fed pork sausage.
13.00 USD

Chorizo Iberico de Bellota

Cured pork chorizo.
9.00 USD

Cabecero de Lomo Serrano

Spiced, dry-cured serrano top loin.
8.00 USD


Ensalada Romana con Boquerone

Little gem lettuce, olives, romesco, idiazabal cheese, mint, hazelnuts.
12.00 USD

Ensalada de Remolacha Asada

Orange segments, arugola, valdeon cheese, pistachios, sherry vinaigrette.
14.00 USD

Ensalada de la Casa

Mixed green, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, Spanish goat cheese.
10.00 USD

Queso Espanol

Cana de Cabra (Murcia)

Soft, semi-sweet goat's milk cheese, raisin walnut bread, fig jam.
8.00 USD

Queso Manchego (Pasamontes)

Traditional raw manchego cheese, compressed apples in mezcal.
8.00 USD

Valdeon 8 (Asturias)

Intensely flavored blue cheese of cow and goat's milk, golden raisins, pedro ximenez compressed pears.
8.00 USD

Seleccion de Queso Espanol

Selection of all 3 Spanish cheeses.
22.00 USD


Arroz con Leche

Valencia rice pudding, candied grapefruit, toasted coconut, Mexican cinnamon.
10.00 USD

Spanish Flan

Pineapple confit, Spanish goat cheese, sweet paprika.
10.00 USD

Churros de la Abuela

Mexican chocolate and chilies budino, cinnamon, sugar.
10.00 USD

Torta de Tres Leches

Sweet milk soaked sponge cake, dulce de leche, strawberries.
10.00 USD

Pasilla Chili Chocolate Cake

Compressed mango, tajin, pistachio gelato.
10.00 USD

Lemon Sorbet

8.00 USD

Mariscos Frescos

Gambas al Ajillo

Garlic shrimp, chorizo, preserved lemon, shishito peppers.
15.00 USD

Pulpo a la Gallega

Braised Spanish octopus, mole rojo, fingerling potatoes, pimenton, olive oil.
22.00 USD

Seared Maine Scallops

Romesco, charred lemon butter, spiced pumpkin seeds, leeks.
32.00 USD

Guiso de Mariscos

Clams, shrimp, mussels, calamari, chorizo sausage, white wine saffron broth, salsa verde toasted bread.
30.00 USD

Pescado de Provision

Chili and citrus crusted fried snapper, mango and salsa verde, creme.
32.00 USD

Lavazza Coffee


3.00 USD


4.00 USD


5.00 USD


5.00 USD


5.00 USD

Carnes Y Aves De Corral

Lamb Chops a la Plancha

Chili and mint yogurt, spiced chickpeas, mizzuna and field greens, shaved carrot.
34.00 USD

Duck Legs "Carnitas"

Mole blanca, spiced greens, roasted salsa, pickled peppers.
34.00 USD

Pollo al Pastor

Roasted pineapple, tajin, pickled onions, garlic creme.
32.00 USD

Carne Asada

Mole verde, picadiilo, chicharron, mixed greens, pickled onion.
35.00 USD

Lamb Shank

Mole negra, roasted salsa, fresh herbsshare.
29.00 USD

Portobello "Steak"

Roasted peppers, blistered shishito peppers, mole verde, baby greens, cotija.
17.00 USD

Made Coffee

Cafe con Leche

5.00 USD
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