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Ubee's is a restaurant located at 521 South Highland Street, Memphis, TN 38111. Ubee's serves several menus including Starters, Salads, Spoons and Burgers. Check out the latest price of Ubee's menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Take withs for the starvin marvins.


Creamy chickpea perfection.
5.99 USD

Hip Dip

Supergood spinach dip.
5.99 USD

Fried Cheese Beans

Dreaded and deep fried cubes of pepper jack, cheddar cheese or combination of both.
7.99 USD

Fried Right Chicken Tenders

Deep-fried chicken goodness.
5.99 USD


Heatin things up (hot) or ease into it (mild).
6.99 USD

Kendalls Homemade Fried Pickles

Deep fried and dillified.
4.99 USD

Deep Fried And Dillified

Chili-cheesified tortilla chips with lettuce, tomato, jalapenos & sour cream on the side.
5.99 USD

Que Nachos

Introducing ubees version of bbq nachos! tortilla chips topped with a load of pulled pork, ub-que sauce, cheese and jalapenos.
7.99 USD


Ub-Que Salad

Garden mix, pulled pork, corn, cheddar, onion, tortilla strips and sprinkled with ub-que seasoning.
7.99 USD

I Heart U Salad

Garden mix, hearts of palm, tomato, bacon and bleu cheese with balsamic vinaigrette
5.99 USD

Spring Break Salad

Garden mix, grilled pepper, onion, mushrooms, cheddar, roasted corn & black beans with ranch dressing.
5.99 USD

Go Greek Salad

Romaine, artichoke, feta, tomato, onion and olives with greek vinaigrette.
5.99 USD

Go-Go Granny Salad

Garden mix, onion, bleu cheese, granny smith apples, cranberries, walnuts with honey-lime vinaigrette
5.99 USD

Raisin Tha Roof Salad

Garden mix, walnuts, red onion, mandarin oranges, raisins and bleu cheese with sweet vidalia onion dressing.
5.99 USD


Cup Of Chili

3.99 USD


U Burger

Classic single.
3.49 USD

Ub Cheesy Burger

Classic single with cheese.
3.99 USD

Double U Burger

Double the meat.
4.49 USD

Two Timer Burger

Two meat n two cheese.
4.99 USD

Triple Threat Burger

Triple the meat.
5.49 USD

Tnt Burger

Three meat n three cheese.
5.99 USD

Sammies & Slammies

These are sammies with style.

French 101

Feta, chicken, roasted tomato, bacon, spinach and basil aioli on a croissant.
7.49 USD

Cheese Monster

Cheddar and muenster on wheat.
4.99 USD

Dirty Hippie

Garlic roasted portabella, roasted red bell pepper, feta and artichoke on ciabatta.
6.99 USD

U La La

Shrimp, spinach, roasted tomato, muenster and basil aioli on a croissant.
6.99 USD

U Blt

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and basil aioli on wheat.
5.99 USD

Mid-term Meltdown

Two meat n two cheese patty melt on wheat.
5.99 USD

Quesadilla Chicken

7.99 USD

Quesadilla Shrimp

7.99 USD

Quesadilla Veggie

5.99 USD

Quesadilla Cheese

5.99 USD

Its All U


Ciabatta, croissant and wheat.
7.49 USD


Shrimp, chicken and portabella.
7.49 USD


Muenster, cheddar, american and feta.
7.49 USD

The Fixins

Spinach, onion, artichoke, bacon, basil aioli, roasted tomato, roasted red and pepper.
7.49 USD


The only things here sweeter than u.

Ny Cheesecake

Top it off with chocolate, caramel or strawberry.
3.99 USD

Deep Fried Snickers

Topped with chocolate & caramel sauce, enough said.
3.99 USD


Chocolate chip, white chocolate or peanut butter.
1.49 USD

Choc Therapy

Chocolate cobbler.
4.49 USD


Taters this tasty dont need no stinkin name.

Real Hand-Cut Fries

1.99 USD

Real Hand-Cut Fries with Chili

2.99 USD

Real Hand-Cut Fries with Cheese

2.99 USD

Real Hand-Cut Fries Get Em Chili-Cheesified

3.49 USD

Tater Tots

1.99 USD

Tater Tots with Chili

2.99 USD

Tater Tots with Cheese

2.99 USD

Tater Tots Get Em Chili-Cheesified

3.49 USD


0.99 USD


Make your meal mo better.

U Save

Add a slurp and a side to any burger or panini.
2.25 USD


1.99 USD
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