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Cold Point Ice Cream is a restaurant located at 1273 N Glenwood Ave, Dalton, GA 30721. Cold Point Ice Cream serves several menus including Signature Ice Cream. Check out the latest price of Cold Point Ice Cream menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Cold Point Ice Cream Delivery Menu Prices:

Signature Ice Cream

1. Summer's Secret Ice Cream

Mango and strawberry.
5.95 USD

2. Beautiful Crush Ice Cream

Strawberry and graham crackers.
5.95 USD

3. Chocolate S'more Ice Cream

Chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallow sauce and toasted marshmallow.
5.95 USD

5. Key Lime Crunch Ice Cream

Fresh lime juice and graham crackers.
5.95 USD

6. Monkey's Dessert Ice Cream

Banana and nutella.
5.95 USD

7. Green Super Giant Ice Cream

Green tea and oreo.
5.95 USD

8. Krispy Treat Ice Cream

Marshmallow sauce and crispy rice.
5.95 USD

9. Strawbella Ice Cream

Strawberry and netella.
5.95 USD

10. Rainbow Unicorn Ice Cream

Sprinkles and froot loops.
5.95 USD

11. Rolling Thai Ice Cream

Thai tea and frosted flaskes.
5.95 USD

12. Reese's On Call Ice Cream

Reese's and caramel.
5.95 USD

13. Nutaro Ice Cream

Taro and Nutella.
5.95 USD

14. Pistachio Latte Ice Cream

Coffee, pistachio, crispy rice and condensed milk.
5.95 USD

15. Cookie Monster Ice Cream

5.95 USD

16. Pina Colada Ice Cream

Pineapple, coconut and fresh lime juice.
5.95 USD

17. Mucho Berry Ice Cream

Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.
5.95 USD

18. Morning Amour Ice Cream

Coffee and condensed milk.
5.95 USD

19. Taro Shawty Ice Cream

Taro and coconut.
5.95 USD

20. Triple Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate, brownie and chocolate sprinkles.
5.95 USD

21. Mint Night Cookie Ice Cream

Mint oreo and chocolate chip.
5.95 USD

22. Matcha Lady Ice Cream

Green tea and strawberry.
5.95 USD
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