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Burger Hut is a restaurant located at 1112 19th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301. Burger Hut serves several menus including Breakfast, Burgers, French Fries and Drinks. Check out the latest price of Burger Hut menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Serving time: 9 am ~ 11 am

Morning Mac

Scrambled Egg, Ham, Cheese with Texas Toast
6.25 USD

Cozy Avocado

Avocado, Egg, Grilled Mozzarella
6.25 USD

Cozy Egg Salad

Egg Salad, Grilled Mozzarella
6.25 USD

Sunrise Breakfast Burger

Double Egg with Bacon Cheese Burger
8.95 USD

Continental Breakfast

Bacon, Sausage, Hash Brown, Egg, Pancake
12.25 USD



Juicy patty grilled to perfection and placed on a soft, toasted sesame seed bun.
5.95 USD

Double Burger

Juicy patties grilled to perfection and placed on a soft, toasted sesame seed bun.
7.95 USD

Bacon Cheeseburger

7.95 USD

Quantum Texas

1/3 Ib Patty with Texas Toast, Cheese
7.95 USD


Deep fried onion with BBQ Sauce, Cheese
7.95 USD


Grilled Fresh Cut Pineapple with American Cheese
8.25 USD

Mushroom Meltz

Grilled Mushroom with Mozzarella Cheese
8.25 USD

Chicago Hot Link

Red Hot Link Sausage with Quarter Pounds Patty
9.25 USD

Gogi Steak

Teriyaki Beef with Grilled Pineapple, American Cheese
9.25 USD

Veggie Deluxe

Veggie Patty, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Bell Pepper
9.25 USD

French Fries

Small & Large

Small Fries

3.25 USD

Large Fries

1/2 " Crinkle Cut French Fries
4.85 USD

Onion Rings

5.25 USD



Chicken Strip Basket

Includes fries and garlic bread, Chicken Sticks
12.25 USD


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

3.85 USD

Patty Melt

Quarter Pound Patty with American cheese, Grilled Onion on Rye Bread
7.45 USD


7.45 USD

Fish in Alaska

7.45 USD

Shrimp 'P Boy

7.95 USD

Hot Pastrami Melt

Pastrami with Cheese Melt, Grilled Onion, Spicy Brown Mustard
10.85 USD


Beef Tacos

Ground Beef with Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato with Corn tortillas
5.25 USD


RootBeer MilkShake

3.85 USD

Vanilla MilkShake

3.85 USD

Mocha Espresso Milkshake

4.25 USD
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