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Off The Block Kitchen & Meats is a restaurant located at 501 North Main Street, Sayville, NY 11782. Off The Block Kitchen & Meats serves several menus including Otb Classics Appetizers, Otb Classics Burgers & Sandwiches, New Creations & Seasonal Appetizers and New Creations & Seasonal Burgers & Sandwiches. Check out the latest price of Off The Block Kitchen & Meats menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

OTB Classics Appetizers

Apple Glazed Brussels

Brussels sprouts, double smoked bacon, granny smith apple & apple-vanilla glazed reduction.
15.00 USD

Pepper Crusted Filet Tips

Seared tips, rosemary & gorgonzola-peppered demi-glace.
17.00 USD

Off the Blocks Wings

Chili-espresso buffalo, sweet pineapple BBQ or honey garlic buffalo wings.
14.00 USD

Skillet Macaroni & Cheese

Cavitappi, smoked gouda, gruyere, topped with bacon & toasted panko.
14.00 USD

OTB Classics Burgers & Sandwiches

Burger & sandwiches are served with house salad, hand-cut fries, house-made chips or coleslaw.

5 Cut Burger

Blend of the hanger, short rib, brisket, chuck & steak trim, topped with wild mushrooms, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions with a peppercorn Aij Poivre sauce on a sweet onion roll.
16.00 USD

Smokehouse Burger

OTB spice, bacon, frizzled onions, house-smoked gouda & sweet pineapple BBQ sauce on a brioche roll.
16.00 USD

All American Burger

One six-ounce patty, American cheese, pickled red onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles & thousand islands on a brioche roll.
15.00 USD

Chicken Bacon Ranch Burger

Apple-wood bacon, frizzled onions, jalapeno peppers, Monterey jack cheese & chili ranch dressing on a toasted brioche roll.
16.00 USD


Roasted pork, sofrito, Swiss, ham, house-made pickles & whole grain mustard on pressed ciabatta.
16.00 USD

Steak Au Poivre

Strip steak, frizzled onions, gorgonzola-peppercorn sauce on a rosemary roll.
16.00 USD

House-Made L.I. Vegetable Burger

Squash, bell peppers, corn, caramelized onion, quinoa, black bean, roasted tomato vegannaise on a multi-grain roll.
16.00 USD


Pastrami & corned beef, Swiss, kraut & arugula, honey-dijon horseradish on freshly sliced marble rye.
16.00 USD

Organic Chicken Rotisserie Wrap

Cajun seasoned chicken, Monterey jack cheese, seasonal greens, tomato & sriracha-lime aioli on your choice of wrap plain, whole wheat or spinach.
15.00 USD

New Creations & Seasonal Appetizers

Summer Burrata Salad

Fresh long island corn, mushrooms, asparagus, wheat berries, beef root hummus, serrano ham & lemon-truffle vinaigrette.
17.00 USD

Pork Belly Steamed Buns

Housemade kimchi, cucumber, pineapple & hoisin.
15.00 USD

Coconut Corn Steamed Claws

Roasted corn, chorizo, cherry peppers, coconut-corn broth & Thai basil.
17.00 USD

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Cheddar & crumbled blue cheese, scallion, pickled red onion & drizzled ranch.
17.00 USD

Truffle Sausage Rice Balls

Asparagus, mushrooms, house-made tomato sauce, Parmigiano-Reggiano, smoked gouda, garlic aioli & basil.
13.00 USD

Caribbean Crab Cakes

Pineapple, coconut, frisee, sofrito pico de gallo, fresh sea beans & lemon roasted-red pepper aioli.
18.00 USD

New Creations & Seasonal Burgers & Sandwiches

Pomegranate Pulled Pork Sandich

Pomegranate, cheddar cheese, frisee cole slaw & sweet pineapple BBQ sauce on brioche.
18.00 USD

Kimchi Smaoked Short Rib Sandwich

Korean marinated smoked short rib, house-made kimchi, cucumber & hoisin, gruyere cheese on ciabatta.
17.00 USD


Heirloom tomato, lettuce & pepper crusted bacon & lemon basil aioli on multi-grain toast.
14.00 USD

Truffle-Goat Cheese Tapenade Burger

Peppered bacon, arugula, olive-tomato tapenade & garlic aioli on a brioche roll.
20.00 USD

Garlic-Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich

Celery root coleslaw, pickles, scallions on a brioche roll.
16.00 USD


Mortadella, serrano ham, olive-roasted red pepper tapenade, manchego & stracciatella mozzarella & arugula on ciabatta.
19.00 USD

Morning Get-Ups

Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs, hollandaise & ham on top of an English muffin with a side of home fries.
14.00 USD

Eggs Any Style

Two eggs with a side of home fries & toast choice of applewood smoked bacon, hickory-smoked ham or maple-blueberry sausage.
13.00 USD

Peppers & Eggs

Italian sausage, onions & melted gouda.
13.00 USD

Piggy Hash

Two eggs atop sweet potato hash, kale & pulled pork with sriracha lime aioli side of toast.
15.00 USD

Classic French Toast

It served with mixed berries & confectioner's sugar.
14.00 USD

Egg Sandwiches

Classic B.E.C

2 organic eggs, applewood smoked bacon, American cheese on a kaiser roll.
8.00 USD

Hungry Man

3 eggs, bacon, blueberry sausage, Carnegie pastrami, home fries, American cheese on a hoagie.
15.00 USD



It comes with 3 pancakes.
12.00 USD


It comes with 3 pancakes.
14.00 USD

Steak & Eggs

Skirt Steak

Two eggs any style, home fries & toast.
22.00 USD

Omelettes & Wraps

Omelets served with home fries & toast wrap flavors: white, whole wheat, spinach.

Mediterranean Greek

Spinach, sundried tomato, black olives & feta.
13.00 USD

Butchers Huevos

Hanger steak, caramelized onions, cubanelle pepper, arugula & Gorgonzola.
14.00 USD

OTB Western

Hickory smoked ham, roasted red bell pepper, sauteed onions & chives.
13.00 USD


Egg whites, turkey breast, tomato, spinach & Swiss.
14.00 USD


Six Ounce Sunday Burger

Sunnyside egg, caramelized onions, bacon, roasted red peppers & choice of cheese, home fries.
17.00 USD


Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon

4.00 USD

Hickory Smoked Ham

4.00 USD

House-Made Blueberry Sausage

5.00 USD

Fresh Fruit

4.00 USD

Home Fries

5.00 USD


2.00 USD
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