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The Good Frank is a restaurant located at 177 S Cypress Ave, Columbus, OH 43202. The Good Frank serves several menus including Olde World (meat) Franks & Sausage and Soy Free Vegan Franks. Check out the latest price of The Good Frank menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Olde World (Meat) Franks & Sausage

All Beef Frank

Olde world styled Frankfurter. Hickory smoked to perfection made with locally sourced beef. Mild.
3.00 USD

Jalapeno Beef Frank

It's the olde world Frank with a little pop of jalapeno. Locally sourced beef. Medium or mild.
3.00 USD

Pork Bratwurst

1/3 pounder made with white zinfandel and caraway made with locally sourced pork. Mild.
4.00 USD

Strawberry Brats

1/3 pounder pork sausage with strawberry jam, white zinfandel. Made with locally sourced pork.
4.00 USD

Hell Hound

It's spicy Hot! 1/3 pounder beef pork blend made with our hot 4 pepper blend with scorpion pepper. Extra Hot.
4.00 USD

The 45 Steak Frank

Named after the 45 president it is a foot long beef steak frank topped with onions and peppers and spicy mustard. Mild.
5.00 USD

Soy Free Vegan Franks

Vegan Frank

Sprouted pinto bean base with a hint of fennel, vital wheat gluten and nutritional yeast for high digestablity. Mild.
3.00 USD

Jalapeno Vegan Frank

1/4 pounder with a little kick from the jalapeno with pinto bean base. Medium-Mild
4.00 USD

Polish Vegan Frank

1/4 pounder with tomato and zesty mustard seeds with the same pinto bean base. Mild.
4.00 USD

Vegan Brat

1/4 pounder made with white zinfandel and caraway with pinto bean base. Mild.
4.00 USD
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The Good Frank

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