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El Matador Restaurant is a restaurant located at 680 New York 112, East Patchogue, NY 11772. El Matador Restaurant serves several menus including Picadilos / Appetizers, Ensaladas / Salads, Sopas / Soups and Mariscos / Seafood. Check out the latest price of El Matador Restaurant menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Picadilos / Appetizers


Matador style handmade turnovers stuffed with beef and potatoes, severed with an avocado and picante sauce.
9.95 USD


Baby shrimp marinated in our special tomato sauce.
10.95 USD

Platano Relleno

A sweet plantain stuffed with chicken and melted quezo fresco and tops with creama fresca.
8.95 USD

Calamari Frito

Fried squid paired with our fresh plum tomato sauce.
10.95 USD

Arepitas y Chorizo

Sauteed Colombian chorizo with onions served with a cornmeal flatbread.
8.95 USD

Croquettes de Jamon

Potato and serrano ham béchamel fritters served with a plum tomato sauce.
8.95 USD

Baked Clams

Panko and fresh herbs clams with a lemon white wine sauce.
9.95 USD

Tostones con Pollo

Matador style shredded chicken served with plantain chips, guacamole, and sour cream.
8.95 USD


Chicken, peppers, onions, and cheese in a flour tortilla, served with guacamole and sour cream.
9.95 USD

Relleno de Camarones

Pastry stuffed with baby shrimp and crab meat in a cream lobster sauce.
9.95 USD


Matador style corn tortilla topped with refried beans, ground beef, and melted queso fresco, served with guacamole and sour cream.
7.95 USD

Mussels ala Ajillo

Mussels sauteed in a garlic sauce.
8.95 USD

Ensaladas / Salads

Ensalada de Agucate

Mixed greens, cucumber, onions, and avocado in a light homemade vinaigrette.
11.95 USD

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese homemade Caesar dressing, and croutons.
10.95 USD

Sopas / Soups

Sopa de Pollo

Chicken Soup.
5.95 USD

Sopa de Pollo Large

Chicken soup served with a side of rice.
9.95 USD

Shrimp Bisque Soup

Creamy shellfish broth with baby shrimp.
5.95 USD

Shrimp Bisque Soup Large

Creamy shellfish broth with baby shrimp served with a side of rice.
9.95 USD

Mariscos / Seafood

Paella Valenciana

Clams, mussels, calamari, salmon, chorizo, shrimp and chicken all cooked together with saffron rice.
24.95 USD

Tilapia al Ajillo

Tilapia sautéed in a garlic sauce.
17.95 USD

Mero en Salsa Verde

Oven poached grouper filet with baby shrimp in a light green sauce.
19.95 USD

Salmon al Horno

Oven-roasted butterfly salmon topped with a tomato, onion, and lime sauce.
20.95 USD

Camarones Serrano

Four jumbo shrimps stuffed with queso fresco and wrapped in serrano ham served with a side of dijon sauce.
22.95 USD

Camarones Encremados

Five jumbo shrimps sautéed in a chipotle cream sauce.
21.95 USD

Camarones ala Ajillo

Five jumbo shrimps sautéed in a garlic sauce.
21.95 USD


Mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, and salmon in a fresh plum tomato sauce over pasta.
24.95 USD

Cazuela de Mariscos

Seafood blend of calamari, clams, mussels, salmon, and shrimp in a light pink cream sauce with a side of rice.
23.95 USD

Pollo / Chicken

Pollo ala Francesa

Sautéed chicken breast in a lemon white wine sauce.
17.95 USD

Pollo con Aguacate

Sautéed chicken breast in a light pink sauce with sliced avocado.
19.95 USD

Arroz con Pollo

Spanish dish blend of shredded chicken and saffron rice served with platano, red beans, and avocado.
12.95 USD

Pollo ala Madrid

Grilled chicken breast over a bed of seasonal grilled vegetables
17.95 USD

Pollo Emilia

Fried thin breaded chicken breast topped with bruschetta and queso fresco.
18.95 USD

Pollo ala Parrilla

Our traditional grilled chicken on the bone tossed in a lemon demi-glaze sauce.
16.95 USD

Pollo con Camarones

Two jumbo shrimps and chicken breast sautéed in a lemon white wine sauce.
20.95 USD

Pollo ala Melanie

Sautéed chicken breast in a wild mushroom sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.
18.95 USD

Carnes / Meats

*Carnes Asada

Grilled top sirloin cut served with pico de gallo.
20.95 USD

*Falda Bistec

Grilled skirt steak smothered in sautéed Spanish onions
23.95 USD

Ropa Vieja

Shredded flank steak sauteed in a sofrito served with black beans, white rice , avocado, and a sweet plantain
21.95 USD


16 oz. New York herb-rubbed strip steak topped with pico de gallo.
25.95 USD

*Besito Salvadoreño

A traditional Latin dish; Grilled top sirloin steak served with a fried egg, avocado, chorizo, sweet plantain, rice, and beans.
22.95 USD

Chuleta Frita

Pan-seared boneless pork chop sautéed in onions and a light brown sauce.
18.95 USD

*Sol, Mar, y Tierra

All in one; two jumbo shrimps in a garlic sauce, 12 oz. shell steak, and grilled chicken breast.
27.95 USD

Combinaciones / Combinations

Matador Fajitas Combination

Steak, chicken, and shrimp with peppers and onions, served with three flour tortillas, sour cream, guacamole, rice, and beans.
22.95 USD

Enchiladas Combination

Choice of chicken, beef, or shrimp. Three corn tortilla enchiladas served with guacamole, sour cream, rice, and beans.
18.95 USD

*Tampiqueña Combination

Grilled skirt steak with a chicken enchilada served with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, rice, and beans.
22.95 USD

Street Tacos Combination

Three (chicken or steak) corn tortilla tacos topped with cilantro, onions, Spanish coleslaw, served with rice and beans.
14.95 USD


Red Beans

2.95 USD

Black Beans

2.95 USD

White Rice

2.95 USD

Yellow Rice

2.95 USD

Mixed Vegetables

2.95 USD

Spanish Potatoes

2.95 USD

Sweet Plantains

2.95 USD

House Salad

2.95 USD
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