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The Congee is a restaurant located at 19 East Valley Boulevard, Alhambra, CA 91801. The Congee serves several menus including Appetizers, Soup, Noodle Soup and Lo Mein. Check out the latest price of The Congee menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Fish Paste with Special Sauce

6.25 USD

House Special Fish Balls

7.25 USD

Spicy Salt Wings

7.95 USD


2 Items with Soup

10.40 USD

29. Beef Stew

11.20 USD

3 Items with Soup

9.25 USD

26. Wonton with Soup

7.50 USD

Dumplings with Soup

6.50 USD

27. House Fish Balls with Soup

8.50 USD

28. Beef with Soup

7.50 USD

31. Fish Tofu with Soup

6.95 USD

30. Fish and Beef Balls with Soup

6.95 USD

Noodle Soup

1. Shrimp Wonton Noodle In Soup

9.60 USD

2. Beef Stew Noodle In Soup

7.25 USD

3. House Fish Balls Noodle In Soup

7.25 USD

4. Beef Noodle In Soup

6.95 USD

5. Beef Balls Noodle In Soup

6.50 USD

6. Fish Balls Noodle In Soup

5.95 USD

7. Beef & Fish Balls Noodle In Soup

6.50 USD

8. Fish Tofu Noodle In Soup

6.50 USD

9. Dumpling Noodle In Soup

6.50 USD

10. Pig Liver Noodle In Soup

6.50 USD

11. Octopus Ball Noodle In Soup

6.50 USD

12. Plain Noodle In Soup

3.50 USD

13. Two Items Noodle In Soup

7.25 USD

14. Three Items Noodle Soup

7.75 USD

Lo Mein

Golden Shrimp Egg Lo Mein

6.50 USD

Beef & Fish Balls Lo Mein

7.25 USD

Wonton with Oyster Sauce Lo Mein

7.50 USD

Beef Lo Mein

7.25 USD

Fish Tofu Lo Mein

7.90 USD

Three Items Lo Mein

11.20 USD

Two Items Lo Mein

9.50 USD

House Fish Ball Lo Mein

7.50 USD

Oyster Sauce Lo Mein

4.50 USD

Beef Stew Lo Mein

7.50 USD

Dumpling Lo Mein

6.95 USD

Pan Fried Rolls

Special Pan Fried Rolls

7.10 USD

8 Fried Dumplings

6.50 USD

Beef Stew Pan Fried Rolls

8.25 USD


Seafood Congee

9.25 USD

Shrimp Congee

9.00 USD

Maggi Chicken Congee

8.20 USD

Preserved Egg with Shredded Pork Congee

6.95 USD

Dried Scallops Congee

3.50 USD

Fish Tofu Congee

6.25 USD

Pig Liver Congee

7.95 USD

Abalone with Chicken Congee

8.20 USD

House Fish Ball Congee

9.05 USD

Ginger & Scallion with Beef Congee

8.00 USD


Oyster Sauce w/ Vegetables

4.95 USD

Preserved Bean Curd with Lettuce

5.50 USD


Soft Drink

1.65 USD

Herbal Tea

1.75 USD
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