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ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen is a restaurant located at 1516 Connecticut Ave Nw, Washington, DC 20036. ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen serves several menus including Start With Rice, Noodles, Or Salad, Add One Meat Or Tofu, Add One Vegetable and Add One Sauce. Check out the latest price of ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Start With Rice, Noodles, Or Salad

Jasmine Rice

the aromatic staple of kitchens throughout southeast asia.

Brown Rice

steamed whole grain rice with a subtle nutty flavor.

Chilled Rice Noodles

a refreshing complement to fiery sauces and sizzling vegetables.


baby kale mixed with crunchy and slightly sweet napa cabbage.

Add One Meat Or Tofu

Grilled Chicken Satay

responsibly raised chicken marinated overnight in coconut milk, lemongrass, spices, and herbs.

Grilled Steak Laab

responsibly raised steak rubbed with dry spices, and grilled with lime, fish sauce, and toasted rice.

Pork & Chicken Meatballs

responsibly raised pork and chicken mixed with fresh herbs and roasted until golden brown.

Organic Tofu

* (v). organic tofu from hodo soy beanery tossed with ginger, tamarind, and cilantro.

Add One Vegetable


** (v). with preserved chilies and vinegar.

Charred Corn

* (v). with garlic and sesame.

Butternut Squash & Thai Basil

** (v). with garlic, chilies, and fresh thai basil.

Green Beans

**** (v). with roasted chili jam and crispy shallots.

Add One Sauce

Tamarind Vinaigrette

* (v). a tart and sweet sauce combining tamarind, lime, and ginger.

Green Curry

** a coconut milk curry with both sweetness and spice. not vegetarian - seasoned with fish sauce

Spicy Red Curry

**** a coconut milk curry that gets its serious heat from fiery chilies. not vegetarian - seasoned with fish sauce

Peanut Sauce

* (v). a mild sauce made from roasted peanuts, coconut milk, lemongrass, and palm sugar.

Add Garnishes

Green Papaya Slaw

* chilled green papaya, carrot, and cucumber tossed with peanuts, lime juice, tamarind, and fish sauce. not vegetarian - seasoned with fish sauce

Pickled Vegetables

(v). daikon, carrot, and cucumber in a tart and tangy singaporean-style brine.

Herb Salad

(v). a handful of fresh cilantro and thai basil.

Top It Off

Toasted Rice

Crispy Garlic

Crushed Peanuts

Thai Chilies



Coconut Rice & Mango Parfait

sweet coconut rice topped with mango and sesame seeds.


Fountain Soda

Bottled Drinks

bruce cost ginger ales, harney & sons iced tea, taste nirvana coconut water, bottled water


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