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Big Chicken is a restaurant located at 262 Cedar Lane, Vienna, VA 22180. Big Chicken serves several menus including Salads, Subs And Burgers, Charcoal Broiled Chicken and Chicken Specials. Check out the latest price of Big Chicken menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Chicken Caesar Salad

Lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing, croutons, Parmesan cheese, roasted chicken.
7.99 USD

Garden Salad

Lettuce, tomato, red onions, cucumber, carrots.
6.99 USD

Subs and Burgers

Chicken Sub

Fried onion, lettuce, tomato, pc and mayo.
7.99 USD

Steak & Cheese

Fried onions, lettuce, tomato, pc and mayo.
8.99 USD

Chicken Salad

Lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions, celery.
8.99 USD

Tuna Sub

Lettuce, tomato, mayo, onions.
8.99 USD


Lettuce, tomato, mayo, onion.
9.99 USD


Fried onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Provolone cheese.
7.99 USD

Charcoal Broiled Chicken

Comes with a choice of 2 sides. Served with green salsa (hot) and yellow salsa (mild).

1/4 Chicken Dark Meat

7.89 USD

1/4 Chicken White Meat

7.99 USD

1/2 Chicken

13.99 USD

Whole Chicken

23.99 USD

Chicken Specials

1/2 Chicken Platter

Comes with a choice of 3 sides. Served with 1 green salsa (hot) and 1 yellow salsa (mild).
12.99 USD


#1. 1/4 Chicken, 2 Chicken Tenders, 2 Sides

14.99 USD

#2. 1/4 Chicken, Fajita, Steak, 2 Sides

14.99 USD

#3. Whole Fish Fried Tilapia, 2 Sides

14.99 USD

#4. Lomo Saltado, 2 Sides

12.99 USD

#5. Pollo Saltado, 2 Sides

11.99 USD

#6. Carne Asada, Beef Steak, 3 Sides

13.99 USD

#7. Chicken Soup, Sopa de Pollo, 2 Tortillas

11.50 USD

Family Meals

1 Whole Chicken

Comes with a choice of 4 sides. Served with 3 green salsas (hot) and 3 yellow salsas (mild).
27.99 USD

2 Whole Chicken

Comes with a choice of 6 sides. Served with 3 green salsas (hot) and 3 yellow salsas (mild).
40.00 USD

Whole Chicken Only

15.99 USD

Side Orders

French Fries

4.00 USD

Fried Rice

1.99 USD


Comes in large size only.
3.99 USD



3.00 USD


3.00 USD



1.25 USD

20 oz. Soda Bottle

1.99 USD

16 oz. Juice

2.49 USD

24 oz. Juice

2.99 USD


3.00 USD

Horchata L

3.50 USD


1.65 USD
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