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Island Twist is a restaurant located at 206 16th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Island Twist serves several menus including Appetizers, Soups, Salads and Vegetarian. Check out the latest price of Island Twist menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


4 Piece. Buffalo Chicken Wings

Jumbo wings deep fried and sauteed in buffalo sauce.
8.95 USD

4 Piece. Jerk Wings

Jumbo wings marinated and roasted in spicy jerk sauce.
7.95 USD

Aloo Pies

Seasoned mashed potatoes stuffed in to flour dough and deep fried.
6.95 USD

Saltfish Fritters

Known as accras to islanders is salted cod fish mixed in a flour mixture and deep fried served with tamarind sauce.
7.95 USD

Coconut Shrimp

5 succulent shrimp melded in coconut milk.
8.95 USD


Split-pea fritters served with tamarind sauce or mango kuchela.
5.95 USD

Spinach Artichoke Dip

A warm bowl of creamy artichokes and spinach melded with Parmesan cheese and garlic.
8.95 USD

Twisted Bake & Shark

Mini flat bread with filets of fried shark.
8.95 USD


Avocado Soup

Lush, rich and creamy and seasoned with island zing.
4.95 USD

Callaloo Soup

Creamy spinach soup blended with okra spices and coconut milk.
4.95 USD

Curried Coconut Pumpkin Soup

Spicy bowl pumpkin blended with coconut milk and a hint of curry.
7.95 USD

Cucumber Soup

Delicious creamy cucumber melded with a special blend of spices and yogurt.
3.95 USD

Corn Soup

Taste of sweet fresh corn coupled with cream seasoned with a special herb blend.
4.95 USD

Fish Soup

A warm comforting broth with chunks of perfectly seasoned whiting and fresh vegetables.
3.95 USD


Toss Salad

Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrotsand boiled egg.
6.95 USD

Mandarin Salad

Iceberg and romaine lettuce topped with celery, mandarin, red onion toasted walnuts.
6.95 USD

Romaine Salad

Freshly chopped romaine, onions carrots, cucumbersand tomatoes.
6.95 USD

Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach, crumbled feta cheese, red onion, dried cranberries and almonds, balsamic dressing.
6.95 USD


Curried Eggplant

Served a side of rice and paratha.
9.95 USD

Roasted Veggie Platter

Perfectly seasoned roasted fresh vegetables with a side of dressing.
9.95 USD

Vegetarian Lasagna

Pasta sheets layered with fresh vegetable, tomato sauce and creamy cheese trio.
9.95 USD

Curried String Beans

Served with a side of curried potatoes over rice.
9.95 USD

Cauliflower Au Gratin

Tender steamed cauliflower roasted in creamy cheese sauce.
9.95 USD

Stuffed Bell Pepper

Filled with dal and rice mixture smothered with tomato sauce.
8.95 USD

Kids Menu

All kids meals accompanied by small drink.

Chicken Tender Basket

3 tenders and French fries.
6.95 USD

Kids 2 Mini Hamburger Sliders

Served with French fries.
6.95 USD

Kids 2 Mini Cheeseburger Sliders

With French fries.
7.95 USD

Mac & Cheese Bowl

4.95 USD


Meatloaf Dinner

Perfectly seasoned drizzled with brown gravy served with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.
13.95 USD

Southern Fried Chicken Dinner

Deep fried succulent perfectly seasoned served with rice and sauteed vegetables.
14.95 USD

Red Snapper Dinner

Roasted red snapper served with Caribbean style polenta and callaloo.
17.95 USD

Garlic Ginger Pork Dinner

Braised pork shoulder perfectly seasoned with garlic, ginger and herbs over hot rice and vegetables.
14.95 USD

Grilled Lime Salmon Dinner

Perfectly grilled salmon and sauteed lime butter over coconut rice and topped with mango avocado salsa.
18.95 USD

Shrimp Coconut Rundown Dinner

Shrimp in coconut sauce- serve over a bed of white rice and cucumber and avocado salad.
19.95 USD

Jerk Chicken Plate Dinner

Perfectly marinated jerk chicken served with Caribbean style rice and peas sauteed cabbage and fried plantains.
15.95 USD

Turkey Wings Dinner

Two roasted succulent served with brown rice, gravy and choice of veggie.
13.95 USD

Oxtails Dinner

Succulent stewed oxtails served with rice and peas and a side of cabbage.
15.95 USD

Catfish Dinner

Southern deep fried filets served with collards and creamy mac and cheese.
14.95 USD

Curry Chicken Platter Dinner

Dark meat, potatoes and chick peas cooked in curry sauce over white rice accompanied with curried string beans and pumpkin.
15.95 USD

Brown Stew Chicken Plate Dinner

Stewed brown chicken served with rice and peas and cabbage.
14.95 USD

Curried Shrimp Platter

Shrimp cooked in curry sauce server over a bed of rice accompanied by sauteed vegetables.
17.95 USD

Pork Chops Dinner

Tender and juicy oven roasted then smothered in gravy and served with rice and seasoned vegetables.
15.95 USD

Curry Beef Dinner

Potatoes and chick peas in curry sauce over white rice accompanied with curried string beans and pumpkin.
16.95 USD

Curried Goat Dinner

Tender goat meat with potatoes cooked in curry sauce accompanied by curried string beans.
16.95 USD


Lemon Cake

6.95 USD

Sweet Potato Cake

6.95 USD

Black Cake

6.95 USD

Coconut Cake

6.95 USD

Banana Pudding Parfait

6.95 USD

Bread Pudding

6.95 USD

Coconut Tarts

6.95 USD

Cobblers Apple

6.95 USD


6.95 USD
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