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Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Cuisine is a restaurant located at 1949 Lynnhaven Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23453. Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Cuisine serves several menus including Appetizers & Snacks, Entrees, Noodles & Rice and Grilled Pork. Check out the latest price of Ihaw Ihaw Filipino Cuisine menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Appetizers & Snacks

Fish Ball

8, 12 or 20 pieces.
1.99 - 3.99 USD

Chicken BBQ

1.79 USD


Ginisang Monggo

Monggo is the filipino term for mung beans, part of the legume family. Mung beans are cooked in sauteed garlic, onions and tomatoes. The mixture is then slowly simmered in water until the stew thickens.
4.99 - 9.99 USD

Pork Steak

7.99 USD

Ginisang Upo

Ginisang upo is a vegetable dish of sauteed upo also known as white squash or bottle gourd. The basic recipe consists of upo and pork sauteed in garlic, onions and tomatoes.
4.99 - 9.99 USD

Pork Bistek

The dish uses pork strips that are flattened and tenderized. The pork strips are sauteed in onions and then simmered in soy sauce and cala mansi - lemon juice. The sweet taste of fried onions and the zest of cala mansi makes it a perfect meal.
4.99 - 9.99 USD

Bicol Express

4.99 - 9.99 USD

Beef Caldereta

4.99 - 9.99 USD

Pork Sinigang

Sinigang is a soup dish cooked in a soup base made of extracts of tamarind, which gives its distinct sour taste. The usual recipe combines pieces of string beans, tomatoes and onions for added texture and flavor.
4.99 - 9.99 USD


4.99 - 9.99 USD

Ginisang Ampalaya

Ginisang ampalaya is a simple vegetable dish in which the key ingredient is ampalaya or bitter melon. The ampalaya is sliced thinly and is sauteed in garlic and onions. We then combine diced pork, scrambled eggs or tomato slices for added flavor.
4.99 - 9.99 USD


The mix of pork and vegetables are cooked in sauteed garlic and onions, tomatoes and bagoong. The usual vegetables that make up pinakbet are eggplants, okra, string beans, ampalaya bitter gourd and calabasa squash, which gives pinakbet its distinction.
4.99 - 9.99 USD

Ginataang Langka

Ginataang langka is a filipino dish of young jackfruit, locally called "langka", cooked in coconut milk or "gata", giving it a creamy texture. For added flavor and the dish is combined with pork meat.
4.99 - 9.99 USD


Dinuguan is a distinct filipino dish that uses pork blood as its main ingredient. Meat are stewed in pork blood, vinegar and garlicand long chili peppers.
4.99 - 9.99 USD

Kare Kare

4.99 - 9.99 USD

Chicken Adobo

Adobo is an indigenous filipino stew and is considered to be the national dish of the Philippines. The basic recipe will almost always contain 2 basic ingredients soy sauce and vinegar, which are simmered with meat, garlic and bay leafand peppercorns.
4.99 - 9.99 USD


4.99 - 9.99 USD

Noodles & Rice

White Rice

Steamed white rice.
1.99 - 4.99 USD

Pancit Noodles

2.99 - 9.99 USD

Palabok Noodles

2.99 - 9.99 USD

Grilled Pork

Pork BBQ

1.79 USD

Pork Belly Inihaw Na Liempo

Inihaw na liempo is grilled pork belly seasoned in salt and pepper and marinated in soy sauce and calamansi (lemon) juice. It is then grilled until fully cooked. Inihaw na liempo can be served as is, dipped in a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar.
2.99 USD

Fish Selection

Boneless Marinated Milkfish

Milkfish marinated in vinegar, garlic and saltand pepper. Fried daing na bangus.
2.99 USD


Grilled or fried milkfish in half bangus.
7.99 USD


Grilled or fried whole pompano.
9.99 USD

Round Scad

Grilled or fried whole round scad galunggong.
2.99 USD


Grilled or fried whole tilapia.
7.99 USD

Dried Salted Herring Tuyo

Fried, dried and salted herring tuyo.
0.40 USD


Calamansi Juice

1.99 USD

Coconut Juice

Buko juice.
1.69 USD

Canned Drinks

1.00 USD

Bottled Water

1.00 USD

Side Order

Calamansi Juice

1.99 USD
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