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El Rinconcito Cubano is a restaurant located at 3238 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647. El Rinconcito Cubano serves several menus including Comidas, Mariscos, Sandwiches and Side Orders. Check out the latest price of El Rinconcito Cubano menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

El Rinconcito Cubano Delivery Menu Prices:


Entrees. All Entrees Served With Rice, Beans, And Bread.

1. Ropa Vieja

shredded beef in tomato sauce.
11.25 USD

2. Bistec De Palomilla

cuban style steak with onions.
10.95 USD

3. Empanizado

breaded steak.
11.25 USD

4. Bistec Salteado

sauteed cuban pepper steak.
11.25 USD

5. Boliche

round eye roast beef in tomato.
10.95 USD

6. Bistec De Higado A La Italiana

sauteed liver with onion.
9.25 USD

7. Bistec De Higado Encebollado

liver steak with onion.
9.50 USD

8. Bistec De Pechuga

chicken breast steak.
10.50 USD

9. Pechuga Salteada

sauteed chicken breast.
10.95 USD

10. Masas De Puerco

fried pork chunks.
10.50 USD

11. Chuleta De Puerco Frita

fried pork chops.
10.50 USD



12. Camarones Enchilados

shrimp in creole sauce served with rice and fried plantains.
11.25 USD

13. Arroz Con Calamares

rice mixed with squid served with fried plantains.
10.25 USD

14. Bacalao

fried cod fish in tomato sauce.
10.95 USD

15. Pescado A La Matanzera

matanzera style fish / fillet of fish in creole sauce.
10.25 USD

16. Pargo Frito

red snapper.
14.99 USD

17. Rueda De Serrucho

sword fish.
10.25 USD


Sandwich Cubano

cuban sandwich. ham, cheese and roast pork.
4.95 USD

Sandwich De Jamon Y Queso

ham and cheese.
4.50 USD

Pan Con Bistec

5.95 USD

Pan Con Ropa Vieja

shredded beef
5.95 USD

Pan Con Croquetas

4.50 USD

Side Orders

Arroz Blanco

white rice.
2.75 USD

Frijoles Negros

black beans.
2.95 USD

Frijoles Colorados

red beans.
2.95 USD

Platano Maduro

sweet plantain.
2.95 USD


crispy plantain.
2.95 USD


2.95 USD


3.50 USD

Pan Con Mantequilla

bread & butter.
1.75 USD

Sopas Del Dia

soups of the day.


Cuban Flan

2.75 USD



1.25 USD


1.25 USD


1.25 USD


1.25 USD

Diet Coke

1.25 USD

Maltas Grandes

1.50 USD


1.25 USD

Cafe Con Leche

2.00 USD

Sodas Cubanas

choice of materva, iron beer, jupina.
1.75 USD

Jugos Naturales

choice of mango, pear, peach, guanabana, guava.
1.75 USD
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