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3 in 1 Juice (Three in One Juice) is a restaurant located at 473 Ne 20th St, Boca Raton, FL 33431. 3 in 1 Juice (Three in One Juice) serves several menus including Arepas $4.75, Empanadas $2.25, Made To Order and Cachapas. Check out the latest price of 3 in 1 Juice (Three in One Juice) menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Arepas $4.75

Carne Mechada

shredded meat


shredded chicken

Carne Molida

ground beef


tuna with chopped onions & tomato with a touch of mayo


scrambled eggs with butter


scrambled eggs with tomato, green onions, red peppers, slantro & a touch of white cheese

Queso Blanco

venezuelan cheese


small shark



Jamon & Queso

ham & cheese

Reina Pepiada

shredded chicken with cheese, mayo & avocado


black bean with white shredded cheese

Empanadas $2.25

Carne Mechada

shredded meat


shredded chicken


yellow tail shark

Carne Molida

ground beef

Queso Demano

white venezuelan cheese

Daily Vegetable


Made To Order

Arepa Con Pernil

pork leg slices
4.75 USD


3.25 USD


2.00 USD

Golfeados Con Queso

3.00 USD



6.25 USD


add meat
8.75 USD


Lunch Special

8.00 USD


Tequenos 3x

2.97 USD

Tequenos 6x

5.94 USD

Tostones Con Ensalada

5.00 USD


2.50 USD


add meat
2.50 USD


3.25 USD


7.00 USD

Cachapa De Hoja

3.00 USD


Whey Protein

0.90 USD

Available Combinations

1. Banana, Strawberry And Orange

2. Mango, Papaya And Apple

3. Banana, Acai Berry

4. Papaya, Orange And Ginger

5. Watermelon And Strawberry

6. Banana, Pineapple And Coconut

7. Carrot, Orange And Beet

8. Celery, Beet And Carrot

9. Orange And Watermelon

10. Beet, Orange And Ginger

11. Cucumber, Apple And Celery

12. Spinach, Cucumber And Celery

13. Sugar Cane And Strawberry

Mixed Vegetable Juices

Double Veg

apple, celery

Triple Veg

spinach, cucumber, celery

The Grand Veg

spinach, tomato, celery, cucumber and ginger

Mixed Fruit Juices

Some Things Cannot Be Juiced.

3 In 1

carrot, beet, orange all juiced, served with or without ice.

Citrus Cave

pineapple, orange, mango juiced orange, blended pineapple and mango

Berry Citrus

orange, strawberry, banana juiced orange, blended strawberry and banana.

Berry Citrus Twist

orange, strawberry, banana, lime juiced orange and lime, blended strawberry and banana.

Berry Melon Water

watermelon, strawberry juiced watermelon, blended strawberry.

Citrus Melon

watermelon, orange juiced watermelon and orange.

Monkey Business

banana, pineapple, coconut blended pineapple and banana with coconut water.

Your Way Mix

build your mixed juice, select a combination of four fruits or vegetables.

Sugarcane Juice

Seasonal Only Some Things Cannot Be Juiced.

Natures Lemonade

sugarcane and lemon juiced sugarcane with a splash of lemon juice, served on ice.

Pine Cane

sugarcane and pineapple juiced sugarcane, blended pineapple. (pineapple juice available from can)

Orange Cane

sugarcane and orange juiced sugarcane and orange.

Key Lime Cane

sugarcane and lime juiced sugarcane and lime.

Melon Cane

sugarcane, watermelon or honeydew juiced sugarcane mixed with juiced watermelon or honeydew.

Custom Cane

add your own choice of two ingredients, blended or juiced.

Fruit Smoothies

Some Things Cannot Be Juiced.


strawberry and banana blended with soy milk, ice and any extras. (protein, honey etc.)


pineapple, orange, mango and banana juiced orange, blended with soy milk, pineapple, banana and mango.


add honey or protein
0.99 USD

Peanut Butter

peanut butter, banana blended peanut butter, banana, soy milk and ice.

Orange Honey

orange and honey blended orange, honey, soy milk and ice.

Key Lime Pie

banana, honeydew, lime blended banana, honeydew, lime, soy milk and ice.

Key Lime Pie

add yogurt and make it even better

Your Way

build your own smoothie, from a choice of four fruit or vegetables, blended or juiced.



1.50 USD

Chocolate Caliente

hot chocolate
1.50 USD


1.50 USD


1.75 USD

Coca Cola

1.50 USD
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