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Urban Farmhouse is a restaurant located at 3015 Norfolk Street, Richmond, VA 23230. Urban Farmhouse serves several menus including Salads And Soups, Sandwiches, Rise And Shine and Evening Fare. Check out the latest price of Urban Farmhouse menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Salads and Soups

Pure joyful gluten-free salads, paired with fresh baked breads from the flour garden. Feel free to ask for gluten-free bread substitutes from annab's.

Farmhouse Salad

Mixed greens with winter root veggies like parsnips and radishes, along with grated carrots, a sprinkling of bright oranges and drizzled with our farmhouse vinaigrette. Vegan.
6.95 USD

Lemony Caesar Salad

Made with the farmhouse's own eggless Caesar dressing. Veggie. Nuts.
7.45 USD

Farmhouse Soup

We have a variety of healthy, all natural soups. Nothing artificial, stocks made from scratch with fresh, hand-prepared veggies. Yeast extracts. No preservatives, additives, hydrogenated oils or modified food starches. Just yummy goodness! Veggie. Vegan.
4.85 USD

Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad

8.95 USD

Fruits of the Farm

Freshly cut apples and pears, sprinkled with roasted walnuts and dried cranberries and drizzled with our sweet balsamic syrup. Served with sour cherry preserves, from rocky branch farm in Jetersville, VA. and a country roll from the flour garden. Veggie.
6.95 USD


Our breads are baked fresh daily by the flour garden and prairie grain bakery and we offer gluten-free breads from annab's in richmond, VA. Sandwiches are served with our farmhouse winter slaw - made with root veggies like parsnips, radishes and carrots and lightly drizzled with our homemade vinaigrette and hand-cut carrot sticks!

Havarti and Mushrooms Sandwich

A grilled cheese sandwich perfect for winter with creamy Havarti covered with our homemade mushroom spread (assorted winter mushrooms, fresh garlic, extra and a dash of our house red), grilled to provide a warm, savory delight. Veggie.
8.25 USD

Hummus and Winter Root Veggies Sandwich

The farmhouse's freshly made hummus with crunchy winter root veggies - shredded carrots, radishes and parsnips, on 9-grain with a drizzle of balsamic. Vegan.
8.95 USD

Tangy Curry Tuna Salad Sandwich

The farmhouse's own tuna salad with a tangy twist on 9-grain from prairie grain bakery on the southside.
9.95 USD

Turkey and Sesame Sandwich with Fresh Scallions

Comes with ginger garlic aioli, crunchy toasted sesame seeds and fresh scallions.
9.95 USD

Q Blue Chicken Sandwich

Our own unique Buffalo bleu taste, with a snappy vinegar based sauce, creamy bleu cheese and birched onions.
9.95 USD

Virginia Ham Cubano Sandwich

Bountiful combination of Virginia ham from Edwards farms and pork, thinly sliced with dill pickles and Swiss cheese, with a tangy contrast of sharp American mustard!
10.95 USD

Ab and J Sandwich

Almond butter and locally made sour cherry preserves, from rocky branch farm in Jetersville, VA, on 9-grain. Veggie. Nuts.
7.95 USD

Cab and H Sandwich

Delicious chocolate almond butter panini with banana and a touch of honey. Be forewarned for warm, gooey deliciousness! Veggie. Nuts.
8.25 USD

Twosome Sandwich

Are you urban or are you farmhouse can't decide enjoy a taste of both - pick any twosome from a half-soup or half-salad or half-sandwich!
9.65 USD

Seasonal Veggie Sandwich

8.95 USD

Rise and Shine

Egg and Vermont Cheddar with Fresh Rosemary

Cage-free egg, cabot Vermont Cheddar and fresh rosemary on hearty slices of French style campagne loaf. Veggie.
5.95 USD

Veggie Sausage and Egg

Tasty, toasty sandwich with veggie sausage from twin oaks in Louisa, Virginia - tastes like the real thing! Veggie.
6.45 USD

Virginia Country Ham and Egg

Slightly salty from surry, Virginia, delicious sandwich made with cage-free egg.
6.45 USD

Virginia Bacon and Egg

Pasture raised, cage-free and no hormones or antibiotics used - on campagne loaf from the flour garden.
6.45 USD

Lox and Cream Cheese with Fresh Dill

Kosher oakwood smoked North Atlantic salmon (artificial preservatives) with all the fixings - cream cheese, fresh dill and chopped red onion and those tart little capers on campagne loaf.
8.45 USD

Irish Oatmeal with Fresh Local Fruit

These oats are 100% wholegrain, so contain all the combined goodness of the endosperm, brand and germ. Comes with freshly chopped pears and dried cranberrie. Vegan.
4.95 USD

Fresh Seasonal Preserves, Unsalted Butter and Bread

Locally made sour cherry preserves from rocky branch farm in Jetersville, VA, unsalted butter and assorted fresh breads baked daily from the flour garden and prairie grain bakery. Veggie.
4.95 USD

Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Made with brown cow humanely certified non-GMO yogurt and bright vitamin c laden oranges and pears and topped with organic granola. Veggie.
5.65 USD


Veggie. Kettle boiled, made from scratch each day with unbleached unbromated flour and preservatives, from Cupertino's in the West end.
1.75 USD

Bagels with Plain Cream Cheese

3.00 USD

Bagels with Homemade Flavored Cream Cheese

3.50 USD

Evening Fare

Snacks and sweets.

Fresh Cheese Plate

Veggie. Nuts. Assortment of carefully selected fine and local cow and goat milk cheeses, with fresh breads from the flour garden.
14.00 USD

Charcuterie Plate

Selection of hand cut meats, sourced from olli salumeria in mechanicsville, VA and seasonal cheeses, with fresh breads from the flour garden and a delicious dollop of local chutney from Virginia chutney CO., in Washington, VA.
18.00 USD

This and That Plate

Some of our homemade tangy curry tuna salad and some of our homemade farmhouse hummus atop mixed greens with crunchy hand-cut carrot sticks.
9.95 USD

Crunchie Munchies

8.95 USD

Bread and Oil

Vegan. Bread and oil do mix! Idle hands classic baked bread, warmed with a side of EVOO, drizzled with aged balsamic.
3.95 USD

Breads & Spreads

Veggie. Idle hands classic baked bread and the flour garden farmhouse country white, with 3 delicious spreads - our freshly made hummus, artichoke Parmesan cream cheese and locally made cherry preserves.
8.95 USD

Kids Menu

All served with local and seasonal sliced fruit, carrot sticks and organic animal crackers (not wild animals or farm animals but some very familiar characters)!

Kids Grilled Cheese

Keeping it simple but delicious for the kiddos - half regular size Grilled Cheese with Cabot Vermont Cheddar on Campagne Bread from The Flour Garden.
4.95 USD

Kids Turkey and Cheddar

Half regular size Turkey Sandwich (no artificial ingredients, preservatives, binders, or fillers) with Cabot Vermont cheddar on Campagne bread.
4.95 USD

Kids Ab and J

1/2 regular size. Almond butter (or peanut butter) and local seasonal preserves from rocky branch farm, in jetersville, VA served on 9 grain.
4.95 USD

Kids Cab and H

1/2 regular size. Delicious chocolate almond butter panini with banana and a touch of honey, served on campagne bread.
4.95 USD

Kids Oven Roasted Chicken Strips

Our all natural and hormone free chicken breast is lightly seasoned and oven roasted. We slice it into bite-size strips and add our honey mustard dipping sauce, made from local honey from hungry hill farm, in shipman, VA.
4.95 USD

Kids Beverages

Kids Horizon Organic Low Fat Milk

White or chocolate.
1.95 USD

Honest Kids Organic Juice Drink

Sweetened only with fruit juice!
0.99 USD

Sweet Treats

Homestead Creamery Ice Cream

3.50 USD

Homemade Bread Pudding

Nuts. Our unique recipe made with locally made pastries!
4.50 USD

Classic Espresso Drinks


2.35 USD


3.10 USD

Farmhouse Cappuccino

3.25 USD


2.35 - 3.10 USD


3.40 - 3.90 USD

Brewed Coffee Classics

Freshly Brewed Coffee

1.95 - 2.35 USD

Cafe au Lait

2.85 - 3.35 USD

Cafe Specialities

Cafe Mocha

4.10 - 4.60 USD

Coffee Toffee Latte

4.10 - 4.60 USD

Chai Tea Latte

4.10 - 4.60 USD

Dirty Chai Tea Latte

4.85 - 5.35 USD

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mocha

4.10 - 4.60 USD

Hot Fair Trade Dark Cocoa

3.60 - 4.10 USD

Vanilla Steamer

2.85 - 3.35 USD

Serendipitea Hot Tea

2.60 USD


16 oz. our own delicious frozen blended beverages.


3.95 USD


3.95 USD


4.55 USD


4.55 USD

Coffee Toffee

4.55 USD

Farmfrost Chai

4.55 USD

Farmhouse Smoothies

Nutter butter banana-ambrosia berri.
4.55 USD

Homestead Shakes

Made with alden's organic ice cream. It's non-gmo, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, kosher and the cows are treated through homeopathic health management!
4.85 USD

Smoothies of the Season

Veggie. Spiced apple - freshly chopped apple and banana, spiced with warm flavors from our own gingerbread syrup and creamy soy milk.
4.85 USD


Iced Cold Brewed Coffee

3.15 - 3.65 USD

Iced Latte

3.60 - 4.10 USD

Iced Mocha

4.35 - 4.85 USD

Iced Chai

4.35 - 4.85 USD

Iced Dirty Chai

5.30 - 5.60 USD

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea

2.60 USD

Orange Juice

3.50 - 3.95 USD

6 oz. Affogato

A scoop of delicious homestead creamery ice cream (your choice - vanilla or chocolate), topped with 2 shots of our steaming hot espresso. Yummy!
4.99 USD
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