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Port City Java is a restaurant located at 701 N Carolina Ave Se, Washington, DC 20003. Port City Java serves several menus including Breakfast, Artisan Salads, Signature Sandwiches and Fresh Wraps. Check out the latest price of Port City Java menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

a lightly bronzed english muffin with egg & cheese and your choice of sausage, ham or bacon. the perfect match to your favorite port city java beverage. available all day, every day!

The Breakfast Wrap

egg, cheese and roasted red pepper breakfast wrap with sausage, ham or bacon. available all day long.

Artisan Salads

Salads Are Served With Herbed Foccacia Bread. Add A Grilled Chicken Breast To Any Salad For An Additional Charge Available Dressings: Ranch, Lite Italian, Bleu Cheese, Honey Dijon Or Spicy Peanut.

Caesar Salad

romaine leaves tossed in a caesar dressing and topped with shredded parmesan and croutons.

Thai Chicken Salad

romaine lettuce with diced chicken, peanuts, cucumbers, red cabbage, carrots, red pepper and topped with oriental noodles and a spicy peanut dressing.

Caffè Salad

our house salad of romaine lettuce, grated parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, roma tomatoes, red onion rings, carrots, cucumbers and seasoned croutons. your choice of dressing.

Apple Walnut Salad

romaine lettuce topped with sliced apples, chopped walnuts, carrots, mozzarella cheese and grated parmesan with your choice of dressing.

Signature Sandwiches

All Sandwiches Are Served On Grilled Herbed Foccacia Bread With Chips. Enjoy A House Salad, Caesar Side Salad Or Seasonal Fruit For An Additional Charge.

Palermo (Vegetarian)

sliced roma tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil pesto spread.

Tuscany (Vegetarian)

a three cheese delight! provolone, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses with garlic infused olive oil.


sliced roast beef, cheddar cheese, roma tomatoes, horseradish sauce and red onions.


lightly seasoned real crabmeat, mozzarella cheese, sliced roma tomatoes and lemon-olive oil.


grilled chicken breast, red pasta sauce with parmesan, mozzarella cheese and spinach/artichoke spread.


roasted turkey , sliced provolone, ground hot red pepper relish and spinach, artichoke spread.

Fresh Wraps

Sicilian Wrap

grilled chicken breast with roasted red peppers, basil pesto and melted provolone cheese wrapped in a garlic-herb tortilla.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

(served cold) diced grilled chicken with spinach leaves, sliced walnuts, parmesan and mozzarella chesses with classic caesar dressing wrapped in a spinach tortilla.

Greek Veggie Wrap

(served cold) tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumbers, red onions, red pepper, shredded romaine lettuce, classic greek dressing, wrapped in a spinach tortilla.


(served hot) chipotle mustard, sliced pork loin, salami, ham, swiss cheese and dill pickles wrapped in a garlic herb tortilla.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

(served hot) chipotle mustard, sliced pork loin, salami, ham, swiss cheese and dill pickles wrapped in a garlic herb tortilla.

Buffalo Chicken

(served hot) diced chicken in buffalo sauce with provolone cheese and side of bleu cheese or ranch dressing wrapped in a garlic herb tortilla.

PCJ Club

(served cold) roast beef, turkey, ham, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes with a side of ranch dressing wrapped in a honey wheat tortilla.

Turkey BLT

(served cold) turkey, bacon, provolone cheese, romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes with a side of ranch dressing wrapped in a honey wheat tortilla.

Tuna Salad

(served cold) tuna salad, romaine lettuce and tomatoes wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla.

Chicken Salad

(served cold) chicken salad, romaine lettuce and tomatoes wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla.

Egg Salad

(served cold) egg salad, romaine lettuce and tomatoes wrapped in a spinach herb tortilla.

Baked Fresh Daily

Giant Cookies

Scones And Muffins

Fresh Baked Brownies, Croissants And Cinnamon Rolls

Fresh Baked Bagels & An Array Of Ever-Changing

Homemade Desserts


Italian Soda

your choice of monin flavoring with bubbly soda water over ice.

Seattle Style Creamosa

italian soda with cream. bellisimo.

Iced Port City Java Chai

a ginger honey spiced tea blend with milk over ice.

Premium Bottled Sodas

Iced Apricot Tea

Bottled Water


Hot Cocoa

chocolate or white chocolate.

Port City Java Steamer

monin syrup and steamed milk with whipped cream.

Port City Java Chai Steamer

a ginger honey spiced tea blend and steamed milk.

Hot Tea, Apricot Hot

tea by the cup

Hot Apple Cider (Seasonal)

Java Bar

Daily Fresh House Brews

not your average joe.

Fairganic Coffees

nature's purest. humanity's fairest. served daily by the cup.

The Red Eye

fresh espresso shots added to a cup of fresh coffee.

Café Au Lait

fresh house brew with steamed milk.

Flavored Café Au Lait

fresh house brew with steamed milk and choice of flavoring.

Flavored Coffee

using all-natural monin syrup - take your pick!

French Press For Two!

Barista Bar

Espresso Macchiato

double espresso topped with milk foam.

Espresso Con Panna

double espresso topped with whipped cream.


double espresso shots and hot water.


one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third foam.

Flavored Cappuccino

your classic cappuccino with choice of flavoring.


pure intense shots as many as you desire.

Mochaccino-Our Specialty

espresso, steamed milk, chocolate and whipped cream.

Flavored Cafe Latte

or cappuccino flavored with your choice of monin syrup.

Café Latte

one-third espresso, two-thirds steamed milk and a bit of foam.

Black And Tan Mocha

espresso, caramel syrup, chocolate sauce, mocha powder and steamed milk topped with whipped cream.

Caramello Leche

vanilla syrup. espresso, steamed milk and a bit of foam topped with caramel.

Iced Java

Iced Coffee

fresh brewed. regular or decaf.

Flavored Iced Coffee

fresh brewed. regular or decaf. choice of flavoring.

Iced Café Au Lait

iced coffee and chilled milk.

Flavored Iced Café Au Lait

iced coffee and chilled milk. choice of flavoring.

Iced-Up Espresso

Iced Caramello Leche

fresh espresso with vanilla and chilled milk, then a pure layer of real caramel on top.

Iced Black & Tan Mocha

fresh espresso with dark chocolate, caramel, white mocha, whipped cream with a triple drizzle.

Iced Mochaccino

fresh espresso with chocolate and whipped cream.

Iced Cappuccino Or Latte

Flavored Iced Café Latte

try a monin flavoring.

100% Fresh Juices

We Use Only Pure Fruits And Vegetables, Making These Delights Non-Dairy & Very Good For You!

Fresh Apple Juice

Fresh Orange Juice

Frappes, Freezes & Shakes

#1. Mocha Shake-Our

double shot espresso, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream.

Slush'n Joe

a frapped creation using coffee, monin caramel syrup, vanilla ice cream and fresh whipped cream - it'll change the way you drink!

Frappa' Cappuccino

double shots of espresso blended with ice and the rest is off the record.

Mocha Freeze

made with fresh espresso shots and chocolate, frapped and topped with whipped cream

Flavored Milk Shake

so many monin flavors to choose from

Java Super Shake

double shot espresso and vanilla ice cream.

Fruit Freeze

choose one of our monin flavors all crushed up.

Ginger Honey Milkshake

port city java chai blended with vanilla ice cream!

Smoothie Bar

Orange Surf Smoothie

a creamy combination of fresh-squeezed orange juice and banana. orange ya' curious

Mango! Mango! Smoothie

the tropical taste of mango artfully blended with pineapple, banana.

Kiwi Kooler Smoothie

the tartness of kiwi and strawberry is complemented with the creamy flavor of banana and orange juice.

Hang 10 Smoothie

a taste of hawaii with pineapple, orange, strawberry, banana and a hint of coconut. surfs up!

Anna Banana Smoothie

a luscious blend of banana, strawberries and apple juice fe fi fo fanna - anna.

Peach Passion Smoothie

made with sweet peaches, banana, strawberry, pineapple juice and oranges. thanks, georgia.

Red Strawberry Smoothie

big-ol' red strawberries, fresh apple juice and monin all-natural strawberry dream of strawberry fields forever.
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