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The Original Pancake House is a restaurant located at 4165 Main St, Petoskey, MI 49770. The Original Pancake House serves several menus including Pancakes, Crepes, French Toast and Waffles. Check out the latest price of The Original Pancake House menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Our batters are produced fresh daily from decades-old recipes, made famous by the original pancake house.


Loaded with wild Maine blueberries and a side of blueberry compote
6.99 USD


Served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
6.95 USD

Aghirardelli Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Generous amount of semi sweet chocolate chips. Served with fresh
7.29 USD

49'er Flap Jacks

Whipped cream. Plate sized, chewy and tender. Served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
6.99 USD

Georgia Pecan

Filled and topped with toasted pecans. Served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
6.99 USD

Bacon Pancakes

Crisp bits of bacon within and on top.
7.29 USD


Old fashioned with organic buckwheat flour. Served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
6.99 USD


Crispy, grilled Idaho russets. Served with applesauce or sour cream.
6.99 USD

Dollar Pancakes

Ten silver dollar pancakes. Served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
5.29 USD

Three Little Pigs In Blankets

Our special links wrapped in light buttermilk pancakes. Served with whipped butter and hot tropical syrup.
7.29 USD

Banana Pancakes

Our buttermilk pancakes filled and topped with fresh bananas. Served with fresh whipped butter and hot tropical syrup.
6.89 USD

Gluten Free Friendly Pancakes

Cooked on a separate griddle area where wheat ingredient items are not prepared
7.29 USD


Kijafa Cherry Crepes

Montmorency cherries tempered with danish kijafa wine. Lightly dusted with powdered sugar.
7.29 USD

Ice Cream Original

Vanilla bean or cinnamon ice cream wrapped within a tender warm crepe. Choose from chocolate, cherry kijafa, peach brandy, raspberries or strawberries for your topping. Finished with freshly whipped cream.
7.89 USD

Raspberry Crepes

Red raspberries steeped in danish wine and topped with freshly whipped cream.
7.29 USD

Original Peach Crepes

Peach filled, topped with a peach brandy sauce and dusted with powdered sugar.
7.29 USD

Famous French Crepes

Our famous crepes laced with strawberries, topped with warmed strawberry syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.
7.29 USD

The Continental

Three delicate crepes filled with contreau tempered sour cream. Served with hot tropical syrup.
7.29 USD

French Toast

Cinnamon French Toast

Johan's old fashioned cinnamon swirl bread, dusted with powdered sugar and served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
7.99 USD

Golden French Toast

Batter dipped, thick cut Hawaiian bread, grilled in pure butter and finished with powdered sugar and hot syrup.
6.49 USD


Golden Brown Belgian

Served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
5.99 USD

Strawberry And Ice Cream

Vanilla bean ice cream, strawberries and freshly whipped cream.
7.99 USD


Topped with our house made blueberry compote.
6.89 USD

Bacon Waffle

Our famous bacon, baked in the waffle.
7.29 USD

Apple Waffle

Our golden waffle baked with fresh granny smith apples and lightly topped with sinklang cinnamon sugar.
6.99 USD


Georgia pecans baked inside. Served with whipped butter and hot syrup.
6.99 USD

Oven Baked Omelettes

Three egg omelettes are served with 3 buttermilk pancakes or choice of toast and jam. Substitute egg beaters or egg whites for $1.19

Aged White Cheddar And Bacon

10.29 USD

Meat and Cheese

Bacon, sausage or ham and your choice of cheese.
9.98 USD


Sauteed fresh mushrooms, served with sherry wine sauce.
9.29 USD

Santa Fe

Monterey pepper jack cheese accompanies a medley of onions, cilantro, tomatoes and jalapeño peppers in this favorite. Served with fresh salsa on the side.
10.29 USD

Swiss or Cheddar

Add a filling for .99 cents per item.
8.29 USD

Broccoli or Spinach

Your choice of sautéed broccoli or spinach and choice of cheese. Mushroom sherry wine sauce served on the side.
9.29 USD


Our home made hash of corned beef, potatoes and onions is folded into this omelette with swiss cheese .
10.89 USD


Ham, onions, green pepper with swiss or cheddar cheese baked within
10.29 USD


Feta, fresh spinach, tomatoes.
10.29 USD

Other Favorates

Aeggs Benedict

An english muffin topped with sugar cured canadian bacon and two poached eggs. Served with traditional hollandaise and a dish of fresh fruit.
10.49 USD

Eggs Michael

An english muffin, sausage patties and poached eggs covered with our mushroom sherry sauce. Served with potato pancakes.
10.49 USD

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits

Freshly baked johan's biscuits topped with our house made sausage gravy.
7.99 USD

The 2x4

Two eggs any style with 4 buttermilk pancakes, hot syrup and whipped butter.
7.29 USD

From The Bakery

Toast and Grandma's Freezer Jam

Johan's sour dough, whole wheat, english muffin and rye breads. Gluten free also available.
2.25 USD

Johan's Bagels

Served with cream cheese or grandma's freezer jam.
2.89 USD

English Muffin and Grandma's Freezer Jam

2.25 USD

Johan's Famous "J Bun"

3.50 USD

World Famous House Specialties

All specialties of the house are oven baked and take a bit longer to Prepare.

The Big Apple Pancake

Oven baked with fresh granny smith apples and pure sinkiang cinnamon glaze.
10.49 USD

The Big Apple Supreme

Top the big apple with your choice of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream.
12.49 USD

The Dutch Baby

An old world recipe, oven baked and served with whipped butter, lemon and powdered sugar.
8.79 USD

The Big German

The larger version of the dutch baby.
9.89 USD

The Dutch Treat

Baked golden brown and presented with fresh strawberries, sliced bananas, strawberry syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.
9.89 USD

The Garden Dutch Baby

Filled with broccoli, onions, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes and topped with gouda cheese.
9.89 USD

Santa Fe Garden Dutch Baby

Dutch baby filled with onions, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, seasoned with southwestern spices and topped with monterey pepper jack cheese. Fresh salsa served on the side.
10.49 USD

Egg Specialties

OPH uses grade aa extra large eggs. All egg specialties served with three buttermilk pancakes or toast and jam.

Meat and Eggs

Choice of bacon, link or patty sausage, canadian bacon or ham with 2 eggs any style.
8.29 USD

Corned Beef Hash

Oven baked, freshly ground corned beef, potatoes and onions topped with two basted eggs.
10.29 USD

Steak and Eggs

6 oz choice sirloin with two eggs. add sautéed mushrooms and onions for $1.00.
14.95 USD

Ham Scramble

Seared and diced hickory ham with three fluffy scrambled eggs.
7.99 USD


Old Smoke House Bacon- 4 Extra Thick Slices

4.75 USD


Links, patties or turkey links.
4.50 USD


Hickory smoked tender thick slice.
4.50 USD

Center Cut Canadian Bacon

4.50 USD

Idaho Russet Hashbrowns

2.89 USD

One Egg

1.45 USD

Two Eggs

2.45 USD

Applesauce with Cinnamon

1.75 USD

Kids Section

Three Buttermilk Pancakes

Served with whipped butter and warm syrup.
4.25 USD

Three Blueberry Pancakes

Served with whipped butter and warm syrup.
4.50 USD

Three Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Served with whipped butter and warm syrup.
4.50 USD

French Toast

Two slices of our golden french toast served with whipped butter and warm syrup.
4.95 USD

Junior Plate

Three buttermilk pancakes with your choice of ONE of the items below
6.25 USD


Fresh Pineapple Spears

2.75 USD


Freshly sliced with milk or cream.
2.25 USD

Fresh Melon

2.75 USD

Grapefruit Half

2.50 USD


3.50 USD


Fresh Squeezed Juice

3.25 - 4.50 USD

Apple Juice

2.50 USD

Cranberry or Tomato Juice

2.75 USD


Espresso, steamed milk, half foam.
4.00 USD


Espresso, steamed milk, quarter foam. Almond or soy milk may be substituted for $0.50
4.00 USD

Adouble Espresso

2.50 USD


Freshly Brewed Coffee

2.25 USD

Hot Tea

2.25 USD

Iced Tea

2.25 USD

Hot Cocoa

Served with whipped cream.
1.95 USD


Chocolate add $0.50
1.95 USD


2.25 USD

Soft Drinks

2.25 USD


2.25 USD

Diet Coke

2.25 USD

Cherry Coke

2.25 USD


2.25 USD

Barq's Root Beer

2.25 USD

Root Beer Float

3.75 USD
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