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Elaina's Cafe and Restaurant is a restaurant located at 1234 Alpharetta St, Roswell, GA 30075. Elaina's Cafe and Restaurant serves several menus including Soups, Breakfast, Specialties and Guisados. Check out the latest price of Elaina's Cafe and Restaurant menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Elaina's Cafe and Restaurant Delivery Menu Prices:


Pollo Soup

10.49 USD

Gallina Soup

11.49 USD

Beef Stew

11.49 USD


Pork or Chicken pozole.
10.49 USD


12.49 USD


Scrambled Eggs

Ham, chorizo, and sausage.
8.49 USD


Huevos a la Mexicana

9.49 USD

Huevos Rancheros

9.49 USD

Huevos Divorciados

9.49 USD

Chilaquiles con Huevo

10.49 USD

Chilaquiles con Carne

12.49 USD


Tacos Dorados

11.49 USD

Enchiladas Sensillas

11.49 USD

Enchiladas con Carne

12.99 USD

Pollo Azado

12.49 USD

Carne Azada

13.49 USD


Torta de Jamon

7.49 USD

Torta de Salchicha

7.49 USD

Torta de Azada

8.49 USD

Torta de Milanesa

9.99 USD



Choose between azada, pollo, pastor, or chorizo.
2.49 USD


Chicken and Steak Quesadilla

Chicken, steak, mushrooms, and chicharron.
5.99 USD

Mixed Quesadilla

6.49 USD

Tlacoyo Sencillo

4.49 USD

Tlacoyo with Meat

4.99 USD


Choose between steak or chicken.
4.49 USD


Steak or chicken.
3.75 USD


Steak, chicken or chicharron.
3.99 USD

Picadita Sensilla

2.49 USD

Picadita con Carne

2.99 USD


Choose cheese, beans, chicharron or mixed pupusas.
2.75 USD


Choose between chicken or beef leg.
4.25 USD


Natural Orange Juice

5.25 USD

Mixed Natural Juice

Mixed juice includes orange, carrot, and beet.
5.50 USD

Milk Shake

Strawberry or Banana
3.99 USD


1.75 USD

Diet Coke 20 oz.

1.75 USD

Glass Mexican Coke

2.00 USD
DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that the information on this website may not be up-to-date. For the most up-to-date pricing and menu, please contact the restaurant directly.

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