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Dac Phuc Restaurant is a restaurant located at 198 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95113. Dac Phuc Restaurant serves several menus including Mon An Nuoc (noodle Soups), Hors D'oeuvre (appetizers), Bun (vermicelli) and Beef. Check out the latest price of Dac Phuc Restaurant menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Mon an Nuoc (Noodle Soups)

Ph? Tái Chín

Soup with rice noodle and beef brisket.
12.00 USD

Bò Viên

Beef meatballs on broth.
8.50 USD

H? Tíu

Soup with white rice noodle, barbecue pork and shrimps.
7.50 USD

H? Tíu Bò Viên

Soup with white rice noodle and beef meatballs.
7.50 USD

Bún Tháng

Soup with rice vermicelli, chicken, shredded fried egg and pork sausage.
7.50 USD


Soup with yellow egg noodle, barbecue pork and shrimps.
7.50 USD

Ph? d?c Bi?t (Combo)

Combination beef noodle soup with tripe.
13.00 USD

Hors D'Oeuvre (Appetizers)

Ch? Gio

Deep-fried egg rolls.
7.00 USD

G?i Ga

Salad of cabbage and chicken.
6.95 USD

Bánh Cu?n

Rice steamed rolls with pork sausage.
12.00 USD

G?i Cu?n

Fresh spring rolls.
4.25 USD

Bun (Vermicelli)

Bún Tôm Nu?ng

Grilled prawns with vermicelli and salads.
9.50 USD

Bún Cha

Grilled pork with vermicelli (salads on the side).
14.50 USD

Bún Ch? Gio

Rice vermicelli with egg rolls.
8.50 USD

Bò Bún Ch? Gio

Stir fried beef with lemon grass on rice vermicelli and lettuce and deep fried egg rolls.
9.50 USD

Bò Bún

Stir fried beef with lemon grass on rice vermicelli and lettuce.
11.00 USD

Bún Th?t Nu?ng

Grilled pork with vermicelli and salads.
13.45 USD

Ph? áp Ch?o

Crunchy fried rice noodle with beef and vegetables.
13.00 USD


Served with steamed rice.

Bò Xào S? ?t

Stir fried beef with lemon grass and hot chili.
8.50 USD

Bò Xào Mang Tre

Stir fried beef with bamboo shoot.
8.50 USD

Bò Xào D?a

Stir fried beef with pineapple.
8.50 USD

Bò Xào Bông C?i

Stir fried beef with broccoli.
8.50 USD


Served with steamed rice.

Gà Xào Rau

Stir fried chicken with vegetables.
8.50 USD

Gà Xào Dua

Stir fried chicken with pineapple.
8.50 USD

Gà Xào S? ?t

Stir fried chicken with lemon grass and hot chili.
11.00 USD

Vegetarian Dish

Served with steamed rice.

Com Xào Chay

Stir fried vegetables with steamed rice, rice noodle or yellow egg noodle.
8.00 USD

Tàu H? S? ?t

Stir fried tofu with lemon grass and hot chili (served with steamed rice or rice vermicelli).
8.00 USD

Special Combination

Special Combination

Grilled chicken with lemon grass, fried egg roll, fried rice, salad (Vietnamese style).
9.50 USD

Tráng Mi?ng (Desserts)

Chu?i Chiên d?t Ru?u

Banana fritter blazed with whisky.
3.50 USD

D?a Chiên d?t Ru?u

Pineapple fritter blazed with whisky.
3.50 USD

Nuoc U?ng (Drinks)

Soda Chanh

Soda lemonade.
3.50 USD

Nuoc Ng?t

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pepsi.
1.95 USD

Da Chanh

Fresh lemonade.
2.00 USD

Tra Da

Iced tea.
1.50 USD

Xí Mu?i

Salted prune.
3.50 USD

Sinh T? Trái Cây

Fruit shake.
4.00 USD

Café den

Vietnamese coffee without condensed milk.
3.50 USD

Soda S?a H?t Ga

3.50 USD

Cam Vat

Fresh-squeezed orange juice.
3.50 USD

S?a d?u Nành

Soy bean milk (hot or cold).
2.00 USD


Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.
3.50 USD

Nuoc D?a

Coconut juice.
3.50 USD
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