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Cafe Azul is a restaurant located at 15000 Collins Ave, Bal Harbour, FL 33154. Cafe Azul serves several menus including $6.99, $6.99, Sides Orders and $5.99. Check out the latest price of Cafe Azul menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Eggs, Ham & Home Fries

huevos, jamon y papas

Eggs, Bacon & Home Fries

huevos, tocino y papas

Eggs, Sausage & Home Fries

huevos, salchicha y papas

Ham Omelette & Home Fries

tortilla de jamon y papas

Cheese Omelette & Home Fries

tortilla de queso y papas

Onion & Potato Omelette & Home Fries

tortilla de papa y cebolla

Western Omelette & Home Fries

tortilla western y papas

Steak & Eggs

with home fries, huevos y bistec con papas

Scrambled Eggs & Ham With Home Fries

revoltillo, con jamon y papas

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon With Home Fries

revoltillo, con tocino y papas

Scrambled Eggs & Sausage With Home Fries

revoltillo con salchicha y papas


American Coffee

regular or decaf
2.29 USD

Cuban Coffee

1.79 USD


2.09 USD


2.29 USD

Cafe Con Leche

2.59 USD


2.00 USD

Ice Tea

free refills
2.59 USD

Sides Orders

Cuban Toast

1.25 USD

White Or Wheat Toast

1.00 USD

Sausage, Ham, Or Bacon

1.50 USD

Hash Browns

1.79 USD

French Fries

2.79 USD


Turkey & Swiss Sandwich

Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Hot Dog

Egg, Ham & Cheese Sandwich


All Sandwiches Include Fries

Home Made Hamburger

7.99 USD

Steak Sandwich

7.99 USD

Pork Sandwich

7.99 USD

Chicken Breast Sandwich

grilled, blacken. or fried
7.99 USD

Fish Sandwich

8.99 USD

Tuna Sandwich

6.99 USD

Chicken Fingers

with fries
7.99 USD

Chicken Wings

with fries
7.75 USD

Cuban Sandwich

7.50 USD

Tilapia Sandwich

7.75 USD

Mahi Mahi Sandwich

11.95 USD


Ground Beef "Picadillo"

cooked in a creole sauce
8.99 USD

Roast Pork "Lechon Asado"

cooked on its own juice
8.99 USD

Chicken Steak

grilled, blacken or fried
8.99 USD


grilled, blacken or fried
9.95 USD

Garden Or Caesar Salad

with chicken, fish or tuna
8.99 USD



with chimichurri

Shredded Beef "Ropa Vieja"

cooked in a light tomato sauce


Cooked In A Red Wine Sauce All Of The Meals Include White Rice, Black Beans And Sweet Plantains

Oxtail "Rabo Encendido"

Lamb Shank "Cordero"

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