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Dacha Diner is a restaurant located at 1416 East Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122. Dacha Diner serves several menus including Breakfast, Dumplings, Cold and Soup. Check out the latest price of Dacha Diner menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Dacha Diner Delivery Menu Prices:


2 Eggs, Latkes, Sour Cream, Applesauce, Toast

11.00 USD


Two pan-fried crepes filled with farmer's cheese, side fruit compote, and sour cream.
10.00 USD


Pelmeni Beef & Pork

10.00 USD

Vareniki Farmers Cheese

9.00 USD


Dacita Plate

Pacific lox, eggplant jam, pickle mix, house bread, butter.
10.00 USD

Herring Under Fur Coat

13.00 USD

Georgian Salad

Tomato, cucumber, sweet onion, radish, tarragon vinaigrette.
6.00 USD


Served with house Bread.

Borsch Veg with Sour Cream

5.00 USD

Matzoh Ball Soup with Chicken

7.00 USD

Matzoh Ball Soup Vegetarian

7.00 USD

Regional Specialties


Large folded yeasted crepe w-salmon roe, sour cream, red onion.
12.00 USD


Beef, pork and rice in sweet sour sauce whiouse bread.
13.00 USD


WIth potato salad, mushroom gravy, sauerkraut.
14.00 USD

Adjarian Khachapuri

14.00 USD
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Dacha Diner

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