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Original Pancake House is a restaurant located at 10437 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60643. Original Pancake House serves several menus including Specialties Of The House, Pancakes, Waffles and Crepes. Check out the latest price of Original Pancake House menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Specialties Of The House

Blueberry Pancakes

Dusted with powdered sugar, served with fresh warm blueberry compote
11.75 USD

Fresh Banana Pancakes

With tropical syrup
11.95 USD

Old Fashioned Buckwheat

Pancakes with whipped butter, hot syrup
11.75 USD

Dollar Pancakes

Served with whipped butter and hot syrup
8.92 - 12.68 USD

Fresh Pecan Pancakes

Dusted with powdered sugar and tropical syrup
11.95 USD

Apple Pancake

Oven baked with fresh apples, pure cinnamon glaze. May take up to 20 minutes
14.50 USD

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Dusted with powdered Sugar
11.75 USD

Dutch Baby

Minature German pancake
13.25 USD

Swedish Pancakes

With imported Lingonberries and butter
11.95 USD

Buttermilk Pancakes

With whipped butter and hot syrup.
10.95 USD

49'ER Flap Jacks

From the famous mother lode country. Strike of the century and thin - chewey gooey.
15.00 USD



With tasty bits of bacon
11.25 USD

Gluten Free

10.50 USD



Topped with blueberry compote
10.95 USD


Crisp bits of real bacon in our waffle batter
11.25 USD


7.50 USD

Pecan Waffle

With fresh pecan
11.25 USD

Golden Brown Waffle

9.95 USD


With fresh diced apples and cinnamon, served with apple nectar
12.30 USD



Diced apples, pecans and sour cream.
12.30 USD


13.90 - 17.05 USD


With strawberry preserves and tropical syrup.
13.90 - 17.05 USD


A danish favorite, willed with cherries simmered in kijafa.
6.30 - 12.75 USD


11.50 USD


The 2 By Four

2 Eggs, 4 buttermilk pancakes, syrup and butter.
8.15 USD

3 Little Pigs In A Blanket

11.10 USD

French Toast

12.23 USD

Egg Specialties

Extra large Grade AA white eggs. Served with three buttermilk pancakes

Eggs & Bacon

20.40 USD

Eggs & Ham

12.00 USD

Eggs & Corned Beef Hash

15.25 USD

Eggs & Canadian Bacon

12.25 USD

Scrambled & Diced Ham

Served with a toast or pancake and potatoes.
12.25 USD


Served with three buttermilk pancakes

Fresh Vegetarian

With broccoli, mushroom, onionand tomato along with 3 buttermilk pancakes
14.25 USD


With 3 buttermilk pancakes
16.00 USD


With 3 buttermilk pancakes
14.65 USD


With 3 buttermilk pancakes
13.95 USD


With 3 buttermilk pancakes
12.95 USD


With bell pepper, onion, and ham along with 3 buttermilk pancakes.
15.25 USD


Grapefruit Juice

3.85 - 4.15 USD

Orange Juice

Freshly squeezed
4.75 - 5.15 USD

Chocolate Milk

3.80 - 4.25 USD

Hot Chocolate

2.95 USD

Apple Juice

2.95 - 4.25 USD

Cranberry Juice

3.35 - 3.65 USD


3.05 USD


3.60 - 3.95 USD


3.25 USD

Grape Juice

4.95 - 5.25 USD

Tomato Juice

2.55 - 2.85 USD

Warm Blueberry Syrup

0.50 USD


Warm Blueberry Compote

2.85 USD

American Potatoes

4.15 USD

Banana Pancake

9.50 USD

Powdered Sugar & Lemon

3.05 USD

Thick Sliced Canadian Bacon

7.15 USD

Spanish Sauce

2.80 USD

Sour Cream

1.00 USD

Peanut Butter

1.00 USD

Imported Lingonberries

4.35 USD


1.00 USD

Sliced Bananas

With cream
6.95 USD


2.75 USD

Blueberry Pancake

9.25 USD


With preserves
2.75 USD

Old Fashioned, Cured Ham

6.15 USD

Old-Fashioned Oats

6.25 USD

Cottage Cheese

3.00 USD

Frozen Strawberries

2.85 USD

Toasted English Muffin

With preserves
2.95 USD

Corn Beef Hash

7.85 USD
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