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Ijuu the Strange Beast is a restaurant located at 5665 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Ijuu the Strange Beast serves several menus including Japanese Sandos, Sides, Desserts and Drinks. Check out the latest price of Ijuu the Strange Beast menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Ijuu the Strange Beast Delivery Menu Prices:

Japanese Sandos

Soft Shell Crab Katsu Sando

Soft shell crab, cabbage, garlic confit, cornichons, tartar sauce on Japanese milk bread
15.00 USD

Rainbow Veggie Sandwich (V)

marinated mushrooms, pickled daikon, tomato, cabbage, japanese egpplant, cucumber, karashi mayo on Japanese milk bread. (vegetarian)
11.00 USD

Egg Salad Sandwich (V)

egg salad, butter on japanese milk bread
10.00 USD

Beef Katsu Sando

Beef katsu, cabbage, tare sauce on Japanese milk bread
19.00 USD

Ham Katsu Sando

Smoked ham, cabbage, karashi mayo on Japanese white bread
13.00 USD

Pork Katsu Sando

pork cutlet, cabbage, grilled berry tonkatsu sauce, Japanese milk bread
13.00 USD

Chicken Katsu Sando

mushroom marinated chicken thigh, cabbage, spicy citrus aoili, lemon on Japanese milk bread
13.00 USD


Mixed Greens Salad (vegan)

mixed chicories, escarole, lighlty pickle baby carrots/shallots/asparagus, satsuma mandarin, sugar snap peas, fried burdock in a roasted sesame sherry vinaigrette (vegan)
10.00 USD

Tomato Salad (vegan)

vine ripe tomato, minced onion, aonori, konbu dashi dressing (vegan)
5.00 USD

Chilled Noodle Salad (vegan, gf)

cucumber, red bell pepper, carrot, red shiso salt, sesame sauce (vegan, gluten free)
5.00 USD

Japanese Potato Salad (veg, gf)

topped with Japanese pickles (vegetarian, gluten free)
4.00 USD


Cotton roll cake with almond cream

6.00 USD

Chocolate Pocky

2.00 USD

Strawberry Pocky

2.00 USD

Choco Matcha Strawberry (vegan, gf)

chocolate covered strawberry with matcha (vegan, gluten free)
3.00 USD


UCC Coffee with Milk

9.1 oz
5.00 USD

Mango Cream Soda

16.7 oz
6.00 USD

UCC Black Coffee

9.7 oz
5.00 USD

Ito En Green Tea

16.9 oz
5.00 USD

Box Water

16.5 oz
4.00 USD


Sesame soy vinaigrette

Ground roasted sesame, aged soy sauce, sherry vinaigrette
0.50 USD

Tonkatsu sauce

Sweet-savory soy glaze with grilled seasonal berries
0.50 USD

Spicy citrus aioli

Fermented yuzu, porcini mushroom, Meyer lemon juice
0.50 USD

Tartar sauce

Minced onions and Japanese citrus aioli
0.50 USD

Fuego sauce

House made fermented Fresno pepper hot sauce
0.50 USD

Tare sauce

Sweet-savory soy glaze
0.50 USD
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