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Tacos Al Pastor is a restaurant located at 400 S Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128. Tacos Al Pastor serves several menus including Soup, Burritos, Seafood and Combination Plates. Check out the latest price of Tacos Al Pastor menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.



Shrimp & octopus.
9.49 USD

Caldo De Camaron

Shrimp soup.
9.49 USD

Cocktel De Camaron

Shrimp cocktail.
9.49 USD


Beef stew.
7.99 USD

Sopa De Pollo

Chicken soup.
7.99 USD


Pork meat with hominy.
7.99 USD


Served saturday and sunday.
7.99 USD


Super Burrito

Meat, rice, beans, cheese, avocado, cream and pico sauce .
5.99 USD

Suprim Burrito

Meat, bean. pico sauce, tapped with enchiladas sauce cheese guacamole & sour cream.
6.99 USD

Regular Burrito

Meat, beans, rice & pico sauce.
4.69 USD

Vegetarian Burrito

Lettuce, rice, beans, cream. guacamole, cheese, & pico.
4.69 USD


Served With rice beans & Salad.

Ala Diabla Very Spicy

9.49 USD

Ala Mexicana Tomato, Onion and Peppers

9.49 USD

Al Majo De Ajo Garlic Sauce

9.49 USD

Enpanizados Breaded Shrimp

9.49 USD

Filete Enpanizado Breaded Fish Filet

9.49 USD

Combination Plates

Taco Choice of Meat

5.49 USD

Taco & Enchilada

6.99 USD

Tamal Pork

5.69 USD

Tamal Chicken

5.69 USD

Tamal & Chile Relleno

6.99 USD

Tamal & Taco

7.19 USD

Tamal & Enchilada

6.99 USD

2 Enchiladas

6.99 USD

2 Flautas Chicken

6.99 USD

2 Flautas Beef

6.99 USD

Flauta & Enchilada

6.99 USD

Chile Relleno

6.59 USD

Chile Relleno & Flauta

6.99 USD

Chile Relleno & Burrito

9.29 USD

Chimichanga Deep Fried Burrito

7.89 USD

Quesadilla Esp. Choice Of Meat

7.89 USD

Carnitas Plate

8.59 USD


8.99 USD

Carne En Su Jugo

9.29 USD

Mexican Steak

9.29 USD

Lengua Beef Tongue

8.59 USD

Chile Verde Pork with Green Sauce

8.49 USD

Chile Colorado Beef Red Sauce

8.49 USD

Plato Pastor BBQ Pork

8.49 USD

Fajitas Chicken

9.49 USD

Fajitas Beef

9.49 USD

2 Flautas & Enchilada

7.99 USD

Burrito & Flauta

8.99 USD

Chicken Mole

8.49 USD

Pollo Ala Plancha

Chicken grilled w/ onion & peppers.
8.49 USD


Super Taco

Meat, beans, cheese, avocado, & pico sauce.
2.99 USD

Regular Taco

Meat, beans, & pico sauce.
2.45 USD

Taco Chico

Served on small corn tortilla meat with onion and cilantro.
1.59 USD

Hard Shell Taco

Chicken or beef lettuce, cheese, cream & pico sauce.
2.35 USD

Kids Meal

Served with french fries and small soda.

Kids Cheese Quesadilla

Small flour tortilla.
3.99 USD

Kids Taco

Small corn tortilla with meat.
3.50 USD

Mini Burrito

3.99 USD

Side Orders

Served With rice beans & salad.

3 Flautas

Crispy rolled taquito chicken or beef.
4.99 USD

3 Enchiladas

5.98 USD


1.99 USD

Tostada with Meat

3.89 USD

Vegetarian Tostada

2.89 USD


2.50 USD


Cheese, guacamole, & beans.
4.39 USD


6.99 USD

Guacamole & Chips

4.50 USD

Quesadilla Flour Tortilla with Meat

3.89 - 5.89 USD

Quesadilla Flour Tortilla, Cheese

1.50 - 2.50 USD

Corn Quesadilla W Cheese

1.00 USD

Chimichanga Deep Fried Burrito

5.89 USD


7.79 USD


2.00 USD


2.00 USD

Mexican Sodas



1.75 USD


1.75 USD

Naranja Frutas

1.75 USD


1.75 USD


1.75 USD


1.75 USD

Tropical Drinks

Tropical Drinks

Horchata pina jamaica tomarindo.
1.50 - 1.75 USD

Orange Juice

1.50 USD


1.25 USD


1.50 - 1.75 USD
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