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Cabo Grill is a restaurant located at 400 Quietwater Beach Road, Gonzalez, FL 32560. Cabo Grill serves several menus including Small Plates, Small Plates - Quesaditas, Salads and Entrees - Tacos Al Carbon. Check out the latest price of Cabo Grill menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Small Plates

Bottomless Bowl of Chips and Salsa

1.99 USD

Tortilla Soup

our version of this handcrafted soup with pulled pork, pico de gallo and monterey jack cheese
4.29 USD

Seafood Margarita

shrimp and grouper in a yangy lime, avocado, tomato and cilentro sauce, served chilled
7.99 USD

Cabo Queso

three slice of whole milk cheese lightly dusted in our 7 spice blend,flash fried and served with prickly pear and pineapple-serrano salsas
5.99 USD

Small Plates - Quesaditas

your choice of filling in a crispy flour tortilla with a four cheese blend and ancho sour cream

Slow Roasted Pork Adobo

with smoky chipotle salsa
5.29 USD

Hickory Smoked Chicken

pico de gallo and salsa roja
6.29 USD

Chopped Shrimp

with pineapple-serrano salsa
6.99 USD

Add Guacamole

1.00 USD


Shrimp and Avocado Salad

on romine spears with avocado poblano dressing
7.29 USD

Ensalada Cabo

gourmet greens, breaded queso frito croutons, walnuts and pears with burnt orange caramel sauce and ancho vinaigrette
5.99 USD

Ensalada Cabo with Hickory Smoked Chicken

10.99 USD

Vine Ripe Tomato and Palm Salad

vine ripe tomatoes, hearts of plam, red onion escabeche and cilantro with ancho vinaigrette
5.99 USD

Entrees - Tacos Al Carbon

tacos with Mexican four cheese blend, pico de gallo and shredded romaine in soft flour tortillas over cabo rice, with guacamole, red onion escabeche, smokey chipotle salsa and choice of beans

Sirlion Steak

marinated in lime cilentro and red chili
13.99 USD

Hickory Smoked Chicken

marinated in lime and garlic
11.99 USD

Entrees - Tacos Pescado

baja style seafood tacos with Mexican four cheese blend and pico de gallo in soft flour tortillas over cabo rice, with guacamole, red onion escabeche, avocado, poblano sauce, pineapple-serrano salsa and a choice of cheese

Fresh Catch

grilled or lightly dusted and fried
13.99 USD

Chopped Shrimp

12.99 USD

Entrees - Enchiladas

wrapped in corn tortillas, simmered in an ancho-chipotle chili tomato sauce with charro beans and cabo rice

Pulled Pork Barbacoa

10.99 USD

Hickory Smoked Chicken

10.99 USD

Mexican Four Cheese

8.99 USD

Entrees - Fajitas

served with portobello mushroom strips, tri-color bell peppers, pico de gallo and shredded romaine with cabo rice

Grilled Chicken Strips

12.99 USD

Grilled Steak Strips

13.99 USD

Specialties De Cabo

Carne Asada

grilled petite sirloin steak in a roasted chili and spice rub with pico de gallo, jack mash and a choice of beans
12.99 USD

Pork Tenderloin

adobo rubbed then grilled and served with chipotle salsa, jack mash and a choice of beans
12.99 USD

Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast

grilled and served with a worm chipotle salsa, jack mash and a choice of beans
10.99 USD

Ahi Tuna

seared and served rare with pineapple-serrano salsa, mango habanero butter sauce, cabo rice and a choice of beans
15.99 USD

Fresh catch

grilled fresh fish with mango habanero butter sauce and prickly pear salsa over cabo rice and a choice of beans
17.99 USD

Grilled Salmon

grilled and drizzled with burnt orange caramel sauce, topped with prickly pear salsa over cabo rice and a choice of beans
15.99 USD


Chocolate Nachos

cinnamon sugar dusted nachos with strawberry salsa, white and dark chocolate sauce
5.29 USD

Bana Bread

served warm with vanilla bean gelato, caramel sauce and whipped cream
5.99 USD

Dulce De Leche

a five layer moist sponge cake
4.99 USD

Sweet Heat

vanilla bean gelato topped with strawberries, pioneapple-serrano salsa and burnt orange caramel sauce
4.99 USD


Charro Beans

pinto beans simmered in a tomato and dark beer stock
1.99 USD

Frijole Cabo

black beans
1.99 USD

Jack Cheese Mashed Potatoes

1.99 USD

Cabo Rice

steamed pearl rice in ancho and tomato
1.99 USD

Corn San Lucas

corn in jack cheese butter sauce
1.99 USD

Ensalada Cabo

3.29 USD


Vanilla Bean

4.29 USD

Double Chocolate

4.29 USD


all kid's meal come with cabo rice or corn san lucas and a fountain soft drink

Cheese Quesadita

3.99 USD

Chicken Quesadita

5.99 USD

Steak Burrito

5.99 USD

Grilled Sirloin Steak Strips

5.99 USD


Smoky Chipotle

0.00 USD

Prickly Pear

0.00 USD

Salsa Roja

0.00 USD

Habanero Yellow Bell Pepper

0.00 USD

Pico De Gallo

0.00 USD

Soft Drinks

Pepsi Products

0.00 USD

Iced Tea

0.00 USD

Red Bull

0.00 USD
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