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FROST Doughnuts is a restaurant located at 15421 Main St, Bothell, WA 98012. FROST Doughnuts serves several menus including Doughnut Menu, Cupcake Menu, Frozen Custard Menu and Dessert Menu. Check out the latest price of FROST Doughnuts menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Doughnut Menu

Aztec Chocolate

Chocolate cake doughnut is iced with a cinnamon-cayenne chocolate & topped with gourmet chocolate shavings.

Bavarian Creme Bismarck

Raised bismarck is filled with delectable bavarian creme and topped with rich chocolate.

Belgian Cocoa Old Fashioned

Dark, belgian callebaut chocolate infuses our famous old fashioned recipe

Butterfinger Blast

Fresh raised ring is dipped in chocolate and rolled in real butterfinger pieces.

Chocolate Bar

Back by popular demand, we've taken our raised bars and dunked them in chocolate icing for everyone to enjoy.

Chocolate Strawberry Old Fashioned

Belgian cocoa old fashioned with the romantic touch of luscious strawberries.

Classic Raised Glazed

Secret recipe yields the perfect balance of sweetness and texture.

Cup o' Cocoa

Decadent chocolate cake is dunked in chocolate fudge, then topped with own frost hot cocoa whip.

Double Chocolate

Chocolate cake is topped with our rich dark chocolate icing and pink swirl accents.

Double Chocolate Sprinkles

Signature colors of pink, chocolate brown and white are always a delight.

French Toast Twist

Add cinnamon, nutmeg and maple to bring the french toast flavor.

Glazed Chocolate Cake

Moist chocolate cake with a thin veil of glaze that provides just the right amount of sweetness.

Glazed French Cruller

True french crullers know no equal. Light, eggy simply delicious.

Glazed Old Fashioned

The classic daffodil-style sour cream old fashioned.

Glazed Twist

Delicately sweet raised doughnut, with a twist. Glazed in a thin veil of sugar.

Glazed Vanilla Cake

Moist vanilla cake with a thin veil of glaze that provides just the right amount of sweetness.

Lemon Drop Bismarck

Tucked inside our fresh raised bismarck is a sweet-tart, mouthwatering lemon curd. Dusted with powdered sugar.

Maple Bar

Marcona Almond & Tart Cherry

Fresh raised bismarck is filled with tart cherries and glazed with our own amaretto icing. Topped with Marcona almonds.

Pecan Praline Old Fashioned

Frost's famous old fashioned dunked in brown butter frosting and loaded with chopped candied pralines.

Pink Vanilla

With pink and chocolate accents.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake doughnut - sweet, rich and extra moist

Salted Caramel

Handmade caramel tops an old fashioned doughnut and sprinkled with local saltworks snowflake salt.

Smoky Bacon Maple Bar

Make bacon fresh daily and add it to our amazing maple bar.

Sprinkled Raised Ring

Signature colors of pink, chocolate brown and white are always a delight, especially when topped on chocolate

Sprinkled Vanilla Cake

Signature colors of pink, chocolate brown and white are always a delight

Victrola Vanilla Latte Bismarck

Victrola espresso and blended it with diplomat cream in this eye-opening bismarck.

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Start with a fresh vanilla Old Fashioned and dip it in fine white truffle chocolate and topped with our own raspberry reduction.

Cupcake Menu

Birthday Confetti Cake

Vanilla cake, classic buttercream and sprinkles.

Candied Orange & Mulling Spice

Clove and allspice are used in this decadent seasonal cake, topped with cream cheese frosting and candied oranges.

Chocolate Mint Snowflake

Chocolate cake topped with tiffany blue mint frost signature buttercream and a delicate icing snowflake.

Gluten Free Black Forest

Decadent gluten free chocolate cake infused with cherry pie filling and topped with frost signature buttercream.

Pink Champagne

Supremely moist strawberry cake is topped with champagne-infused frost signature buttercream.

Salted Caramel

Devil's food chocolate cake is filled with caramel, topped with caramel italian buttercream, caramel drizzle and local saltworks snowflake sea salt.

Wedding Cake

Sweet little wedding cake tastes like traditional wedding cake with moist vanilla cake and classic american buttercream, decorated for the season

Frozen Custard Menu


Espresso and chocolate are infused in our affogato custard, named for the decadent coffee drink of the same name.

Saturday Morning Cereal Milk

Relive saturday morning cartoons with the taste of sweet milk and fruity cereal at the bottom of the bowl.

Dessert Menu

Apple Brown Butter Macaron

Baked brown butter, applesauce and cinnamon to perfection in french macaron.

Cherry Cordial Macaron

Pureed cherries combine with french buttercream and an elegant dash of cherry liqueur, only to be dunked in dark chocolate.

Orange Blossom Macaron

Macaron's light, citrus flavor is a perfect match for the sophisticated french macaron.

Pecan Praline Macaron

Homemade caramel is folded into rich, French buttercream and sandwiched between two macaron cookies sprinkled with candied pecans.

Pink Champagne Macaron

Fresh strawberries infused with French butter cream and champagne are a cause for celebration in this delightful macaron.

Salted Caramel Macaron

The classic french confection meets the classic french macaron. Filled with fresh salted caramel.

Classic New York Style Cheesecake

With a classic graham cracker crust.

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Rich, creamy cheesecake topped with decadent dark chocolate a sinfully delicious mix

Salted Caramel Pecan

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