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Funnelicious is a restaurant located at 155 Augusta St, Greenville, SC 29601. Funnelicious serves several menus including Deli Sandwiches & Wraps, Reedy Dogs, Fried Potatoes and Fried Cheese. Check out the latest price of Funnelicious menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Deli Sandwiches & Wraps

Enjoy a fresh made to order sandwich. breads - honey wheat, white, italian, kaiser roll and onion roll or have any sandwich rolled in a whole wheat wrap

Classic Turkey

Fresh sliced oven roasted turkey on toasted honey wheat bread with tomato, pickles and chipotle sauce.
4.49 USD

Ham Sandwich

Black forest ham piled high on your choice of bread.
4.49 USD

Funneldelicious Blt

Fan favorite deep fried bacon strips topped on a toasted honey wheat bread with crisp lettuce and fresh local tomatoes.
4.49 USD

A Real Club Sandwhich

Load me up with fresh turkey, ham and bacon with lettuce, tomato pickles and mayo.
4.49 USD

Whole Wheat Wrap

Sliced turkey breast with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, onion, and cheddar cheese tucked into a whole wheat wrap.

Reedy Dogs

All dogs are fried and come with 3 toppings and $0.35 for each after. Dog toppings chili, cheese sauce, sour cream, cole slaw, bacon $0.50 , shredded cheese, banana peppers, dill relish, sour kraut, grilled onions $0.35 , grilled peppers $0.35 ,dill slice

Ripper Dog

The natural casing on this dog rips it's competition out of the park
3.24 USD

Hot Dog

4.17 USD

Ft. Long Hot Dog

4.17 USD

Hand Dipped Corn Dog

Fan favorite. Enjoy a longtime classic, hand dipped corn dogs leave out all the added ingredients of pre dipped corn dogs. Simply the all meat dog dipped in corn batter and fried to perfection.
3.24 USD

Ft. Long Corn Dog

Just like our regular corn dogs
5.09 USD

Bird Dog (Chicken Tender)

This funky fun snack includes a tender served on a hotdog bun drizzled with honey mustard.
3.24 USD

Fried Bratwurst

3.24 USD

Fried Potatoes

Salts: cajun, bbq, sour cream & onion, pizza, cheesesnax, garlic butter, cheese & onion, salt & vinegar, sea salt, lawry's, vinegar spray

Mashed Potato Balls

Creamy potatoes, butter, three cheeses and rolled in Italian bread crumbs. Topped with a dollop of sour cream, just like momma's.
3.24 USD

Ribbon Fries

Freshly spiral cut potato fried like chips with your choice of seasoning
3.24 USD

Fresh Cut Fries

2.31 USD

Fried Cheese

Mac & Cheese Balls

We've got the blues for our three cheese mac and cheese balls favorite, rolled in italian bread crumbs and fry it up golden brown
3.24 USD

Mozzarella Sticks (5)

4.63 USD

Funn Foods

Nachos and Cheese

Nacho average chips and cheese. Smothered in three toppings of your choice. Nachos toppings: Chili, cheese sauce, sour cream, cole slaw, bacon $0.50 , shredded cheese, banana peppers, dill relish, sour kraut, grilled onions $0.35 , grilled peppers $0.35 ,dill slices, jalapenos, sweet relish
5.09 USD

Chicken Tenders

4.47 USD

Grilled Cheese

3.15 USD

Grilled Cheese

4.63 USD



Chocolate chip, peanut butter & m&m
0.93 USD


Two cookies make the perfect outside when you add cream, icing or soft serve sandwiched in the middle.
2.31 USD

Funnel Cakes

Baby Funnel Cake

4" funnel cake. Perfect snack to hit that sweet tooth for 1 person
3.24 USD

Festival Funnel Cake

6" funnel cake. Called festival because we serve this size at our special events. Can be shared or not - depending on how much funnel you need
4.77 USD

Super Funnel Cake

8" funnel cake. For the super hungry
5.74 USD

Mega Danny Cake

19.99 USD

Maple Cake

Festival cake topped w/bacon & syrup
5.28 USD

Elvis Cake

Festival topped w/bananas & peanut butter
5.28 USD

Apple Pie Ala Mode Cake

Festival topped w/apple pie filling, caramel and ice cream
5.28 USD

Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet festival cake topped with cream cheese
5.28 USD

Fried Desserts

Delicious, innovative and original - All desserts are cooked to order and ask about seasonal fried desserts

Kool-Aid Balls (3)

3.94 USD

Cookie Dough Balls (4)

3.94 USD

Foughnuts (3)

Donuts battered in our funnel cake mix, fried and rolled in a cinnamon sugar mix
3.94 USD

Oreos (4)

classic fried dessert - Oreos battered in our mix and fried until golden brown
3.94 USD

Banana Balls (4)

Fresh Banana sliced, battered and fried
3.94 USD

Fried Candy Bars

Fan favorite. Snickers, milky way, 3 musketeer, mars bar
3.94 USD

Fried Little Debbies

Honey bun, moon pie, swiss cake rolls, oatmeal pie, twinkie
3.94 USD

Oreo Balls (3)

Fan favorite Crushed oreo bits rolled in cream cheese, dipped in chocolate and fried
4.55 USD

Red Velvet Balls (3)

4.55 USD


4.55 USD

Key Lime Pie

4.55 USD

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft Serve

2.78 USD

Baseball Hat

4.50 USD

Unfried Desserts

Oreo Balls (3)

3.39 USD

Key Lime Pie, Cheesecake

4.40 USD

Doughnuts (6)

3.75 USD


One or two home made cookies, baked in house daily
0.93 USD


Soft serve or frosting sandwiched between two cookies
2.31 USD

Specialty Drinks


Choose from over two dozen sodas with flavor shots
1.39 USD


Blue raspberry, cherry, lemon lime or coke.
2.77 USD

Hot Cocoa & Coffee

1.85 USD

Smoothies, Milkshakes

2.78 USD
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