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The Kind Cafe is a restaurant located at 16 North Market Street, Selinsgrove, PA 17870. The Kind Cafe serves several menus including Breakfast, Paninis, Salads and Wraps. Check out the latest price of The Kind Cafe menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

The Kind Cafe Delivery Menu Prices:


Toasted Bagel

2.00 USD

Beggle Sammy

Fried egg, provolone mayo.
4.50 USD

Breakfast Wrap

Fried egg, provolone, potatoes, sriracha maro, white or wheat tortilla.
6.50 USD

Rise & Shine Oatmeal

Berries, bananas, maple syrup.
4.50 USD

Chai Oatmeal

Raisins, walnuts, cinnamon.
5.00 USD

Yogurt Parfait

Bunnies, granola, honey, cinnamon.
4.50 USD


Fried egg, bacon, spring mix, tomato, horseradish on Texas toast.
8.50 USD


Golden Monkey Panini

Peanut butter, banana, maple syrup on Texas toast.
7.00 USD

Honey Bee Panini

3 cheeses, garlic mayo, honey on Texas toast.
7.00 USD

The Great Goats Bee Panini

Apple, goat cheese. honey.
8.00 USD

Sofia Panini

Tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, extra virgin olive oil, toasted ciabatta.
8.00 USD

The Mushroom Panini

8.00 USD

Olive Tree Panini

Mayo, dive tapenade, ham, Swiss.
8.50 USD

Cuban Twist Panini

Mayo, dizon, radish, turkey, Swiss on Texas toast.
8.50 USD

Cashew Chicken Panini

Cashew chicken salad, spring mix on Texas toast.
8.50 USD

Beach Bum Panini

Parmesan peppercorn dressings, jerk seasonings, caramelized onion, chicken, Provolone.
9.00 USD

Pesto Chicken Panini

Basil pesto, roasted red pepper chicken, Provolone.
9.00 USD

Wild Turkey Panini

Garlic mayo red onion, cheddar, turkey, granny smith apple.
9.00 USD

Butcher Panini

Garlic mayo, peppadew peppers, ham, turkey, cheddar.
9.00 USD

Italiano Panini

Sun-dried tomato pesto, cheddar, imported prosciutto, Provolone, tomato.
9.50 USD

The Ranch Panini

Ranch, bacon, chicken, red onion, cheddar.
9.00 USD


Walnut Apple Salad

Spring mix, tomato, red onion, granny smith apple, walnuts.
8.50 USD

Kale Casear Salad

Kale grapes, Parmesan, croutons.
8.50 USD

Zucchini Gourd Salad

Spring mix, tomato, red onion, zucchini, Gouda.
8.50 USD

Goat Cheese Berries Salad

Spinach goat cheese, berries walnuts.
8.50 USD


The Roy Wrap

Spinach, goat cheese, zucchini tomato, red onion, honey djon.
8.00 USD

Thai Chicken Wrap

Spring mix, cabbage carrots chicken chow mien noodles peanut dressing.
9.00 USD

Chicken Caser Wrap

Spring mix, chicken crouton, Parmesan, pram, peppercorn dressing.
9.00 USD
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