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Musashino Sushi Dokoro is a restaurant located at 3407 Greystone Dr, Austin, TX 78731. Musashino Sushi Dokoro serves several menus including Appetizers, From Our Kitchen, From Our Sushi Bar and Sushi A La Carte. Check out the latest price of Musashino Sushi Dokoro menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Avocado Kama

avocado stuffed with shrimp, crab and our special spicy sauce.
7.85 USD

Gyu Tataki

thinly sliced seared filet mignon (very rare) in spicy soy sauce vinaigrette.
11.50 USD

Age Dofu

fried tofu served with tempura sauce.
6.75 USD


boiled soybeans still in the pod served hot or cold.
5.50 USD

Seaweed Salad

various types of seaweed and cucumber.
6.75 USD

Ika No Sansai Ae

marinated squid salad with wild vegetable.
6.75 USD

House Salad

lettuce, cucumber, and tomato with your choice of ginger dressing or plum (ume) vinaigrette.
4.50 USD

Miso Soup

soy bean soup with tofu and scallions.
2.50 USD

From Our Kitchen

All of the following come with miso soup and rice except noodle dishes extra noodles $1.75.

Hiyashi Ramen

cold egg noodles with assorted vegetable. (no soup) (summer only).
9.50 USD

Musashino Ramen

old fashioned ramen noodle soup.
9.50 USD

Miso Ramen

egg noodle soup with miso stock.
9.50 USD

Hakata Ramen

egg noodle soup with pork stock.
9.50 USD

Texas Ramen

texas spicy ramen noodle soup.
10.75 USD

Hana Udon

udon with vegetable tempura.
7.50 USD

Tempura Udon

shrimp tempura udon noodles.
10.00 USD

Nabeiyaki Udon

winter only.
11.50 USD

Hot & Spicy Nabeiyaki Udon

winter only.
11.50 USD

Chicken Teriyaki Rice

(with skin or without skin).
10.50 USD

Ten Don

shrimp tempura rice bowl.
10.75 USD

Katsu Don

ton katsu rice bowl with egg.
11.00 USD

Ton Katsu Tei

breaded deep fried pork.
12.00 USD

Tori Katsu Tei

breaded deep fried chicken with japanese worcestershire sauce.
9.50 USD

Katsu Curry

breaded deep fried pork with curry.
12.00 USD

Tori Katsu Curry

breaded deep fried chiken.
10.00 USD

Tori Kara Age Tei

japanese fried chicken nuggets.
9.50 USD

Buta Kimuchi Itame Tei

stir fried pork with kimchi.
9.50 USD

Saba Shioyaki Tei

salted grilled mackerel (bones).
9.00 USD

Sake Shioyaki Tei

salted grilled salmon.
9.00 USD

From Our Sushi Bar

The following lunch entrees include miso soup and a house salad with a healthy ginger dressing.

Sushi Lunch Special

california roll with tempura flakes (8 pieces). choose three different pieces of the following: tuna, unagi (eel), shima zushi, salmon, albacore tuna, spicy scallop, yellowtail, shrimp, escolar.
16.00 USD

Sushi Deluxe

three pieces of california roll with tempura flakes and the following sushi pieces tuna, salmon, shima zushi, albacore tuna, escolar, yellowtail, unagi.
23.50 USD

Sushi A La Carte

Big Eye Tuna

mebachi maguro.
3.50 USD

Yellow Tail Jack

3.00 USD


2.75 USD

Albacore Tuna

bincho maguro.
2.50 USD

Fatty Salmon

sake toro.
3.75 USD


2.75 USD

Spicy Scallop

2.50 USD

Japanese Scallop

4.50 USD

Spicy Smoked Mussel

2.00 USD

Spicy Crawfish

2.50 USD

Smelt Caviar

2.00 USD

Salmon Caviar

5.00 USD

Sea Urchin

5.75 USD


2.25 USD

Freshwater Eel

2.75 USD

Fatty Tuna


Shima Zushi O Shima Island Style

white fish marinated in hot chili.
2.75 USD

Inari Zushi

(sweet tofu).
1.50 USD


2.75 USD

Traditional Rolls

Tekka Maki

7.50 USD

Kappa Maki

5.00 USD


yellowtail with scallions.
7.50 USD

Shinko Maki

pickled burdock (mountain carrot) and daikon radish (takuan).
5.00 USD

Beni Toro

salmon with scallions.
7.00 USD

Sushi Rolls

Good Time Roll

spicy crawfish and cucumber with avocado on the outside.
15.00 USD

California Roll

crab, avocado, cucumber, and a choice of: a. tobiko (flying fish eggs), b. masago (smelt eggs), c. goma (sesame seeds), d. plain, e. crunchy tempura flakes.
7.50 - 10.50 USD

Texas Hybrid

your choice of tuna or salmon, rolled with rice paper, avocado, and scallions.
16.00 USD

Ozzy Roll

unagi (eel), shrimp, avocado, and cucumber with smelt caviar on the outside.
15.00 USD

Rock And Roll

jumbo shrimp tempura, smelt caviar, avocado and sweet sauce.
13.00 USD

Spider Roll

deep-fried soft shell crab, smelt caviar.
13.50 USD

Spicy Spider Roll

soft shell crab claws and smelt caviar roll, wrapped with avocado on the outside.
15.00 USD

Spicy Roll

rolled with avocado and japanese cucumber with your choice of: a.Tuna, b. salmon, c. shrimp, d. smoked mussel, e. scallop.
12.00 USD

Rainbow Roll

california roll with tuna, fresh salmon, shrimp, avocado, and white fish on the top.
16.00 USD

Caterpillar Roll

california roll with avocado wrapped on the outside.
11.00 - 14.00 USD

Elvis Roll

tuna, yellowtail, avocado, cucumber, and smelt caviar.
14.50 USD

Alaskan Roll

smoked salmon, avocado, and cucumber and smelt caviar.
13.00 USD


Green Tea Ice Cream

5.00 USD

Red Bean Ice Cream

5.00 USD

Mango Sherbert

5.00 USD


10.50 USD
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