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DK Sushi Bar & Restaurant is a restaurant located at 6400 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78745. DK Sushi Bar & Restaurant serves several menus including Lunch Special's, Sushi, House Special Rolls and Sushi Assortments. Check out the latest price of DK Sushi Bar & Restaurant menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

DK Sushi Bar & Restaurant Delivery Menu Prices:

Lunch Special'S

Lunch Special

Tuna or California roll and 5 pieces of sushi.
10.00 USD

Deluxe Lunch Special

Roll and 7 pieces of sushi.
13.00 USD


2 Pcs. Per Order


6.00 USD

Eel Roll

6.25 USD

White Tuna

4.50 USD


5.00 USD

California Roll

6.50 USD

Spicy Tuna Roll

8.00 USD

Asparagus Nigiri Sushi

4.50 USD

Yellow Tail

7.00 USD

Salmon Roe

4.75 USD

Fresh Salmon

5.50 USD

L.A. Roll

8.95 USD

Sunrise Roll

California roll top with salmon.
14.95 USD


4.50 USD

Salmon Roll

6.50 USD


4.25 USD

Jalapeno Roll

9.00 USD

Smoked Salmon

4.75 USD

Rainbow Roll

14.95 USD

Vegi Roll

7.95 USD

Mishi Mash

Tuna, masago, scallion and mayo.
4.75 USD


4.75 USD

Volcano Roll

15.95 USD

Cow Boy Roll

Fried Roll.
12.50 USD

Spider Roll

Soft Shell Crab.
12.25 USD


Red, black or wasabi.
4.95 USD

Yellow Tail Roll

7.25 USD

Tuna Roll

5.95 USD

Red Snapper

4.00 USD

Mexican Roll

Shrimp tempura, smoked salmon, avocado and spicy sauce.
9.75 USD


4.50 USD


Smelt Roe.
4.25 USD

Surf Clam

4.25 USD


4.70 USD


4.50 USD

House Special Rolls

6 Pcs. Per Order

Spicy Shrimp Roll

Spicy sauce, shrimp and cucumber.
6.25 USD

Austin Roll

Big Roll Salmon, tuna, eel, white fish and avocado.
16.50 USD

Texas Roll

Big Roll Salmon, tuna, eel, white fish, avocado and shrimp tempura.
20.00 USD

Dragon Roll

Half salmon- avocado and half tuna- cucumber top with eel.
13.95 USD

Chris Roll

Tuna, crab, masago and spicy sauce inside. Topped with Eel and Eel sauce.
14.95 USD

Alaskan Roll

Special California roll with fresh salmon.
8.95 USD

Mexican Orgasm

Broiled Eel with avocado and sweet sauce.
12.95 USD

Boston Roll

Special California roll with shrimp.
7.50 USD

Mike Roll

Deep-Fried Roll 3 different kinds of spicy'n' sweet sauce (special thanks to mike).
12.95 USD

69er' Roll

Special California roll topped with salmon, masago, green onion and spicy sauce.
11.50 USD

Spicy Scallop Roll

Spicy sauce, scallop, green onion.
8.00 USD

Sex On The Beach

Special California roll topped with tuna, salmon, eel, avocado, masago and wasabi tobiko.
14.95 USD

Sushi Assortments

Sushi Appetizer

4 pieces and 1 roll.
13.95 USD


Medium Assortment Eleven pieces and 1 roll.
25.95 USD


Large Assortment 4teen pieces, 1 California roll and 1 tuna roll.
35.00 USD


Small Assortment 7 pieces and 1 roll.
17.95 USD


Salmon Sashimi

15.00 USD

Sushi/ Sashimi Combo

50.00 USD

Flamin Ahi

16.00 USD


30.00 USD

Tuna Sashimi Appetizer

15.00 USD

Yellow Tail Sashimi Appetizer

17.00 USD
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