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Clementines Too is a restaurant located at 1235 Broad Street, St. Joseph, MI 49085. Clementines Too serves several menus including Munchies, Salads, Sandwiches and Entrees. Check out the latest price of Clementines Too menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Clementines Too Delivery Menu Prices:



Junior Caesar Salad

Romaine, roma tomatoes, cavatappi pastaand creamy caesar dressing with shredded Parmesan and croutons.
4.95 USD

Tumbleweed Steak Salad

Tender slices of char-broiled steak with a combination of fresh roma tomatoes, green peppers and red onions. Served over our house greens and topped with bleu cheese crumbles.
12.50 USD

Senor Caesar Salad

Herb marinated char-broiled chicken tops a bed of fresh romaine leaves tossed in creamy caesar dressing with cavatappi pasta, shredded Parmesan, croutonsand roma tomatoes.
10.75 USD

Old Man Tucker Tossed Salad

A generous helping of fresh house greens, sliced cucumber, roma tomatoes, red onions and croutons served in a chilled bowl.
4.95 USD

Red Barn Spinach Salad

Fresh sliced apples, baby spinach and walnuts with bleu cheese crumbles and sliced red onion. Try it with sweet onion dressing or raspberry walnut vinaigrette.
7.95 USD

French Onion Soup

Piping hot onion soup topped with a toasted crouton and melted mozzarella cheese served with a fresh baked roll.
4.75 USD

Double Eagle Salad

House greens with ham, turkey, monterey jackand cheddar cheeses, tomatoes, egg and croutons.
9.50 USD

The Strawberry Patch

11.25 USD

Fiesta Taco Salad

Mexican favorites on house greens with your choice of ground beef or fajita chicken, tomatoes, green onions, green peppers, roasted corn, black beans, monterey jack, cheddar and tortilla chips.
10.95 USD


Brewmaster Burger Sandwich

Char-broiled burger smothered with melted white cheddar and ruppert's dark ale caramelized onions on grilled sourdough bread.
10.25 USD

Harbortown Sandwich

Char-broiled burger with green olives, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. An old time favorite.
9.95 USD

The Dinghy Basket Sandwich

A basket of our homemade chicken fingers, hand dipped and crispy fried with fries and coleslaw.
9.95 USD

Gold Miner's Sandwich

A good ol' cheese burger topped with American cheese, lettuce and tomato on a toasted artisan bun.
9.75 USD

The Angler Sandwich

Char-broiled, honey glazed 6 ounce salmon fillet topped with mixed greens, red onionand a dill mayo.
14.50 USD

A "Reel" Perch Sandwich

Our pan fried yellow lake perch, on a grilled bun with fresh lettuce and tartar sauce on the side.
12.95 USD

High Roller Sandwich

Tender, lean roast beef piled high with melted swiss cheese on crispy French bread with au jus for dipping.
10.25 USD

Claim Jumper Sandwich

Sauteed chicken breast topped with a medley of crab, mushrooms, baby spinachand creamy alfredo sauce on a flaky croissant.
11.50 USD

High Noon Sandwich

Crispy bacon strips and cheddar cheese stacked on a juicy char-broiled burger with whole grain honey mustard and a melt-in-your-mouth pretzel bun.
10.50 USD

Oh My Darling Sandwich

Crab broiled on toasted French bread with grilled tomatoes. Topped with a bubbly melted blend of cheeses.
11.50 USD

Corner Deli Sandwich

Our own home cooked corned beef stacked on marbled rye with melted swiss cheese, homemade Thousand island dressing and sauerkraut.
10.50 USD

Clementine's Club Sandwich

We oven roast our turkey, then build your club with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on fresh toasted bread.
10.75 USD

South Beach Grill Sandwich

Melted fontina cheese on toasty whole grain bread with sauteed apples, fig jam and mixed greens.
8.95 USD

The Saloon Sammy Sandwich

Oven roasted ham, stacked on a flavorful pretzel bun and served with a warm cheddar cheese sauce for dippin.
9.25 USD

Ranch House Chicken Sandwich

Sauteed chicken breast topped with smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, monterey jack cheese and drizzled with our famous ranch dressing.
10.25 USD

Turkey Barn Dance Sandwich

Oven roasted turkey on a croissant with crispy bacon and swiss cheese and topped with our famous ranch dressing.
9.75 USD


Tin Pan Walleye

8 Ounces a potato crusted Canadian walleye fillet, pan fried in an iron skillet.
16.50 USD

The James Gang

Ten butterflied, lightly breaded shrimp. Deep fried until golden brown.
14.25 USD

Bandito Fettuccine

Fajita chicken, roasted red and green peppers, onions, tomatoesand mushrooms tossed with fettuccine and salsa alfredo. Smothered with monterey jack and cheddar.
14.95 USD

Tuscan Pasta

Shrimp sauteed with garlic, tomatoes, fresh basiland olive oil, tossed with baby spinach and linguine and topped with Parmesan cheese.
16.50 USD

Thai Chicken Linguine

Stir fried chicken with pea pods, green onions, roasted redand green peppers, zucchini and peanuts tossed with a spicy peanut sauce over noodles.
14.95 USD

Stony Creek Salmon Dinner

6 ounces of char-broiled salmon topped with sun-dried tomato basil butter.
14.95 USD

The Drunken Sailors

Ahoy! Whaddya say to some beer steamed shrimp.
13.95 - 19.95 USD

Red Rooster

Strawberry glazed chicken breast topped with walnuts and feta cheese.
12.95 USD


Wonderful combination of sauteed chicken, mushrooms, broccoliand baby spinach on a bed of fettuccine tossed in white cheddar.
13.95 USD

Mess of Lake Perch

Clementine's classic yellow lake perch lightly dusted and pan fried.
19.95 USD

The Outlaw

8 Ounces cut center cut top sirloin steak char-broiled and finished with our white wine shallot butter.
15.95 USD

Roscoe Ribeye

A well marbled char-broiled 12 ounce ribeye steak topped with white wine shallot butter and our famous onion rings.
19.95 USD

Tugboat Annie

Char-broiled black Angus 8 Ounces sirloin smothered with sauteed crab, mushrooms and melted mozzarella cheese.
19.95 USD

Sweet Baby Ray's Ribs

Hickory smoked slab of baby back ribs with our own zesty barbeque sauce.
16.50 - 24.00 USD

Kids' Menu

All meals come with a fountain drink, carton of milk or apple juice.

Kids Good Ol' Cold Turkey Sandwich

Oven roasted turkey on white or multi-grain wheat bread with American cheese and side of mayo. Served with fries, curly fries or apple slices.
5.99 USD

Kids Side of Fries

2.50 USD

Kids Sioux City Sarsaparilla

2.75 USD

Kids Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

American cheese grilled on white or multi-grain wheat bread.
5.99 USD

Kids Oodles of Noodles

Linguine with choice of butter, marinara or alfredo and garlic toast.
5.99 USD

Kids Fruit Cup

3.75 USD

Kids Sliced Apples

0.75 USD

Kids Orange Cream Soda

2.75 USD

Kids Mini Corn Dog Basket

6 mini corn dogs with fries, curly fries or apple slices.
5.99 USD

Kids Kraft Mac & Cheese

5.99 USD

Kids Orange Cream Soda Float

Made with hand dipped ice cream.
4.75 USD

Kids Sarsaparilla Soda Float

Made with hand dipped ice cream.
4.75 USD

Kids Billy the Kid Burger

Mini cheeseburger with fries, curly fries or apple slices.
5.99 USD

Kids Chicken Little Fingers Basket

3 fried fingers with fries, curly fries or apple slices. Grilled chicken breast available upon request.
5.99 USD
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