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Burguesa Burger is a restaurant located at 710 Ft. Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75208. Burguesa Burger serves several menus including Main Menu, Combo, Breakfast Tacos and Mexican Burger. Check out the latest price of Burguesa Burger menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Burguesa Burger Delivery Menu Prices:

Add: extra a beef patty $1.00 substitute veggie patty $0.75. Ham, bacon, onion rings, cheese, avocado, refried beans, fried egg, $0.50, jalapenos extra creamy sauce $0.25. Complimentary ketchup, mustard mayonnaise & pickles upon request

La Monumental

Double meat, double cheese
6.25 USD

La Monumental Jr

Single meat, single cheese
5.50 USD

Burguesa Double

Burguesa style: lettuce, tomato, onion and special creamy sauce
5.00 USD


100% Fresh beef, burguesa style: lettuce, tomato, onion and special creamy sauce
4.00 USD

Pablo's Pollo

Chicken sandwich breaded or grilled
4.50 USD

Mexican Hot Dog

Bacon wrapped & grilled
2.75 USD


Add grilled or crispy chicken for $2.00
3.25 USD

Lil Luchador Kids Meal

3.75 USD


Spicy or Regular
2.25 USD

Onions Rings

3.00 USD


Crispy cinnamon treat
1.50 USD


Combo #1

La monumental fries & drink
8.75 USD

Combo #2

Burguesa double fries & drink
7.50 USD

Combo #3

Burguesa fries & drink
6.50 USD

Breakfast Tacos

Egg & Cheese

1.25 - 3.00 USD

Chorizo, Egg & Cheese

1.25 - 3.00 USD

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

1.25 - 3.00 USD

Ham, Egg & Cheese

1.25 - 3.00 USD

Grande Burritos

Choice with beans
2.50 USD

Crispy Hash Browns

1.00 USD

Mexican Burger

La Monumental

Special creamy sauce, avocado, onion, tomato, lettuce, refried beans, crunchy tostada, ham cheese, all beef patty cheese



Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, oreo, cookie
3.25 USD

Fountain Drinks

Exclusive sodas: made with pure cane sugar cola, orange, lemon-lime, grapefruit, iced tea, lime ade
1.75 - 2.25 USD

Bottled Sodas

2.50 - 3.00 USD


2.00 USD


Burguesa Blend
1.25 - 1.50 USD
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