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Chi Town Dogs is a restaurant located at 4115 66th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33709. Chi Town Dogs serves several menus including Chicago's Others, Main Menu, Chi-town Chili Dogs With Fries and Desserts. Check out the latest price of Chi Town Dogs menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Chicago's Others

Polish Sausage

Maxwell street style, grilled polish, grilled onions and mustard with fresh cut fries.
4.50 USD

Spicy Hot Polish (Firedog)

Maxwell street with kicked up a notch with fresh cut fries.
4.60 USD

Italian Sausage

Chi-town's own sausage loaded with green peppers and sauted onions with crushed red pepper - a little italy in chicago with fresh cut fries.
4.75 USD

Italian Beef

Reg - sweet bell peppers & sauteed onions, sport peppers and gonnella bread. Wet - the chi-town way, beef & bread dipped in italian gravy. Mozzarella cheese add 35 cents. Giardiniera mix in olive oil add 35 cents.
5.85 USD

Pizza Puff

Contains four different cheeses with italian sausage, pepperoni and marinara sauce.
3.75 USD

Beef & Sausage Combo

Roll tamale from supreme tamale company.
1.45 USD

Tamale Sundae

Chili, onions and cheddar cheese over a roll tamale.
1.95 USD

Jays Potato Chips

0.65 USD

Fresh Cut Fries

1.65 - 2.35 USD

Chi-Town Special

Mustard, relish, diced onions, fresh tomatoes, a dash of celery salt, hot sport peppers, a slice of kosher pickle, piled high on a steemed poppy seedbun and fresh cut fries.
3.50 USD

Regular Dog

Mustard, relish & diced onions on a steamed poppy seed bun without the fries.
2.65 USD

Chi-Town Jumbo

Huge 1/4 lb dog with the whole city on board and fresh cut fries.
4.50 USD

Sauerkraut Dog

Mustard and a blanket of sauerkraut smothered over one of our chicago's own - a taste of poland chicago style with fresh cut fries.
3.75 USD

Chi-Town Chili Dogs with Fries

Chili Dog

Chili no beans, mustard and onions with fresh cut fries.
3.95 USD

Chili & Cheese Dog

Beanless chili - grated cheddar cheese, mustard, onion with fresh cut fries.
4.25 USD



With or without nuts.
1.65 USD

Black Cow

Aka root beer float.
1.99 USD

Homemade Fresh Baked Brownies

1.00 USD

Mam's own Homemade Strawberry Cheescake

2.00 USD

Mam's own Homemade Bread Pudding

1.50 USD

Salemo Cookies

3.99 USD

Soda Pop


Refills 40 cents.
1.20 - 1.40 USD

Diet Pepsi

Refills 40 cents.
1.20 - 1.40 USD

Sierra Mist

Refills 40 cents.
1.20 - 1.40 USD

Lipton Brisk Lemonade

Refills 40 cents.
1.20 - 1.40 USD
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