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Earth's Harvest Kitchen & Juicery is a restaurant located at 835 Central Avenue, Dover, NH 03820. Earth's Harvest Kitchen & Juicery serves several menus including Just The Small Stuff, Breakfast, Soups & Friends and Sandwiches. Check out the latest price of Earth's Harvest Kitchen & Juicery menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Just the Small Stuff

Harvest Bar

3.50 USD

Cheddar Chive Biscuit

A savory biscuit made in house everyday.
3.00 USD


Beginning at 7:00 am (M-F) 8:00 am (Sa-Su) and available all day!

Egg Sandwich

English muffin, bagel or cheddar chive biscuit farm egg, cheddar.
5.00 USD

Morning Plate

Two eggs made any style, potato hash, seasonal fruit, house toast.
9.00 USD

Power Plate

Scramble egg, cheddar, spicy mayo, Dunk's mushrooms, green salad, Parmesan, bacon and avocado.
10.50 USD

Whole 30 Delight

Sunny eggs, roasted veggies, salsa, greens and avocado.
10.00 USD

Quinoa & Egg Bowl

Quinoa saute, farm greens, mushroom, roasted veggies, sunny eggs, feta, tomato salsa.
11.00 USD

Hash Benedict

Corned beef and potato hash, poached egg, tomato Hollandaise, English muffin, herb salad.
11.00 USD

Breakfast Burrito

Greens, peppers, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, cheddar, herbed farm eggs.
9.00 USD

Harvest Omelette

Roasted vegetables, 12 hour tomato, roasted onion, mushroom, farm greens, Havarti, herbs.
10.00 USD

Omelette Au Fromage

White cheddar, Swiss, dill Havarti.
7.00 USD

Smoked Salmon Bagel

House cured and smoked, garlic chive cream cheese, tomato, red onion, cucumbers, capers, sprouts, plain or everything.
9.00 USD

Vegan Burrito

Greens, peppers, mushrooms, onions, potatoes, tofu, black bean spread and secret sauce.
9.00 USD

Soups & Friends

Hey Jude

Seasonal berries, goat cheese, walnut granola, apple, cranberry, baby greens and sherry vinaigrette.
12.00 USD

Sesame Chicken Salad

Baby greens, sesame roasted chicken, raw veggies, toasted peanuts, soy ginger dressing.
12.00 USD

Curry Chicken Salad

Greens, curried chicken, apple, peanuts harvest vegetables, curry emulsion.
12.00 USD

Harvest Cobb Salad

Turkey, ham, bacon, Swiss cheese, egg, greens, tomato, onion, cucumber, croutons and buttermilk herb dressing.
13.00 USD

Sherry Baby

Fried leeks, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, feta, baby greens, sherry vinaigrette.
9.00 USD

Banh Mi

Gochujang pork belly or tofu, cucumber, pickle, onions, carrots, cilantro, eight minute egg, spicy mayo, Tonkatsu sauce and house baguette.
11.00 USD


All sandwiches served with one daily side selection, we are always offering seasonal varieties.

Corned Beef Reuben

Corned beef pickled cabbage, Swiss, 1000 island, rye.
11.00 USD

603 BLT

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, garlic mayo, focaccia.
9.50 USD

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Cheddar, Havarti, Swiss, harvest wheat.
7.50 USD

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich

Curried chicken, lettuce tomato, onion, apple, focaccia.
11.00 USD

Ali Baba

Roasted turkey, spicy feta, garlic hummus, greens, tomato, sprouts, red onion and focaccia.
11.00 USD

Quinoa Veggie Wrap

Garlic hummus, black bean spread, quinoa, sprouts, raw, roasted veggies, herb tahini.
10.00 USD

Harvest Chicken Wrap

Roasted chicken, black bean spread, cheddar, greens, tomato, onion and spicy mayo.
11.00 USD

E.H.K. Burger

House-Made veggie burger, secret sauce, chimichurri, pickled onions, iceberg lettuce, vegan brioche.
9.00 USD


Granite Strong

Blueberry, banana, peanut butter, almond milk, protein.
6.25 USD

Berry Bliss

Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, acai, ginkgo, coconut water.
6.25 USD

Matcha Magic

Orange juice, matcha, mango, banana and local greens.
6.25 USD

Smooth Operator

Cold brew coffee, peanut butter, almond milk, almonds, banana, cacao, flax.
6.25 USD

Mango Mama

Orange juice, banana, mango, hemp hearts, coconut water.
6.25 USD

Bubble Gum

Strawberry, banana, almond milk, vanilla protein.
6.25 USD

Smoothie Bowl - Berry bliss or Mango Mama

Topped with a scoop of house made granola, cacao, almonds, hemp hearts, chia, coconut flakes, strawberries, & blueberries
10.50 USD

Raw Juice

Locally sourced produce with seasonal changes organic when possible

Life Blood

Apple, beet, carrot and ginger.
6.00 USD

Ginger Strong

Apple, carrot, orange, ginger, lemon.
6.00 USD


Pineapple, apple, cucumber, local greens, ginger, mint.
6.00 USD

Rebel Green

Cucumber, apple, parsley, lemon, greens, spirulina, chlorella.
6.00 USD

Farmacy Shots

Powerful combinations to pick up your day, any day

Wheatgrass Shot

3.00 USD


2.50 USD

Tiger Shot

2.50 USD

Lemonade Detox

2.50 USD

Coffees & Teas

Hot Coffee

2.00 USD

Cold Brew Coffee

3.00 USD


Double shot.
2.25 USD


3.50 USD

Chai Latte

4.50 USD

Golden Milk

Hot or iced.
4.25 USD

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

3.75 USD
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