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Mimosa Restaurant & Lounge is a restaurant located at 14415 Blanco Road, San Antonio, TX 78216. Mimosa Restaurant & Lounge serves several menus including Appetizers, Egg Benedict, Salade En Soupe and Le Boeuf (beef). Check out the latest price of Mimosa Restaurant & Lounge menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.



Red and golden beets layered with goat cheese, pistachio pesto, grand marnierand candied walnuts.
13.00 USD

Macaroni Au Fromage

Gruyere, Gouda, brie, house pasta, black truffle accent.
10.00 USD

Crab Louie Martini

Lump Crab Salad with a boiled egg, avocado, asparagus spears, tomato, chiveand micro lettuce.
15.00 USD

Shrimp Ceviche

Gulf shrimp marinated in citrus melange, fresh avocadoand minced bosc pear.
14.00 USD

Escargots A La Bourguignonne

Terrurs d' Anton "snails" in pastry, sweet butter, organic garlic clove, marinated artichoke and leek salad.
14.00 USD

Truffle Fritte

Frittes tossed with truffle oiland served with shaved cheese and bacon aioli.
9.00 USD

Crab Stuffed Jalapenos

Lump crab stuffed in fresh jalapenos and wrapped in bacon and served with our signature mango salsa.
14.00 USD

Oyster Rockefeller

Oyster on the half shell topped with cream spinach, baconand fresh anise.
14.00 USD

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Cocktail

5 jumbo gulf shrimp served with cognac marie rose cocktail sauce.
14.00 USD

Brussels Sprouts

Sauteed with honey balsamic and smoked almonds.
10.00 USD


Tube and tentacles calamari with congnac marie rose sauce.
10.00 USD

Fried Gulf Oysters

Our own hand dipped gulf oysters served with a citrus salad, sweet and spicy cornicione tartar sauce.
10.00 USD

Egg Benedict

Choose the size and then the type of our mimosa's egg benedict you would like we make out egg benedict very similarly to how they were originally ordered in 1894 when lemuel benedict first created it at the waldorf hotel as his hangover cure.

Half Benedict

One will be served on a toasted French crostiniand topped with a poached egg, our famous made in-house hollandaise saucesand served with citrus greens and strawberry salad.
9.00 USD

Whole Benedict

2 toasted French crostini and 2 poached eggs with our signature made from scratch every morning hollandaise saucesand served with potatoes.
12.00 USD

Salade En Soupe

Canard Salade

Crisp duck leg confit, summer greens, fresh raspberries, grilled bosc pear, champagne with whole grain mustard vinaigrette.
16.00 USD

Soupe Du Jour

4.00 USD

Boef Salade

Seared market steak, served over summer greens, early girl tomato, avocado, watermelon radish, pickled onions, baby gherkin, red wine balsamic dressing.
18.00 USD

The Chef's Salade

Mixed greens, blueberries, bacon, granny smith apple, smoked almond, vinaigrette.
12.00 USD

Le Boeuf (Beef)


Chef's market steak choice, gratin dauphinoise "scalloped potatoes" frenched asparagus, chanterelle, bone marrow bordelaise sauce.
43.00 USD

Boeuf Bourguignon

Braised high marble beef, mushrooms, berkshire bacon, baby carrots, yukon gold whipped potatoes, burgundy broth.
30.00 USD


Pistachio herb encrusted grass fed colorado lamb rack, early girl tomato, chef's garden gherkin, sheep's milk fetta salad, calimyrna fig sauce.
38.00 USD


Served with potatoes.

Rockport Omelet

Whole egg omelet with lump crab, avocadoand cheddar and Monterrey cheese blend.
18.00 USD

Austin Omelet

Egg white omelet, with spinach, tomatoes, black olives, mushroomsand fetta cheese.
14.00 USD

Dallas Omelet

Ham, bacon, sausageand cheddar and Monterrey cheese blend, tomatillo salsa.
16.00 USD

San Antonio Omelet

Whole egg omelet with brisket, cheddar and Monterrey cheese blendand mixed bell peppers, pico de gallo.
14.00 USD

Le Ferme (Pork & Poultry)

Pork Wellington

Pork tenderloin, chanterelle emulsion, wrapped in a pastry, served with whipped potatoesand baby carrots.
28.00 USD

Poulet Au Pain

Mary's chicken breast wrapped in a pastry, pine nuts, chevre goat cheese, shallot, fennel cream, sauteed spinach in meyer lemon juice.
20.00 USD

Pork Belly

Macintosh apple, onion jam, legumes marines pickled vegetableand apricot emulsion.
22.00 USD

French Toast

Served with 100% maple syrup.

French Toast

Sour dough French toast with powdered sugar.
10.00 USD

Berries Medley French Toast

Sour dough French toast, powdered sugar. Vanilla bean creme anglaise, fresh berries, whipped cream.
13.00 USD

Banana Brulée French Toast

Banana brulee, sour dough french toast, salted caramel, vanilla bean creme anglaise, powdered sugar, and pecan.
14.00 USD


Taste of Summer

Bowl of seasonal fruit.
12.00 USD

Goblet Of Truffle Frittes

The holy trinity of fries: rosemary garlic, sea salt and pepperand sweet potato tossed in truffle oil and served with our house bacon mayo.
8.00 USD

House Salad

Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado, radish tossed in a lemon dill vinaigrette.
10.00 USD


Served with powdered sugar and almond butter--while they last 2 mini butter croissants and 2 mini chocolate croissant.
4.99 USD

Le Plat Principal Fruit De Mer (Seafood)

La Crevette

Crisp gulf shrimp, campari tomato confit, hill country farmers market ratatouille, parsnip macaroon, citrus beurre blanc.
28.00 USD

Shrimp Rockefeller

Buttery gulf shrimp served rockefeller style, garden spinach, cream and bacon, English cheddar cheese.
24.00 USD


Maine prawn, nantucket scallops, duxbury littleneck clams, New Zealand kuku mussels, loup de mar "the wolf of the sea", branzino!
36.00 USD

Le Crab Cake "Grenouille"

Peeky toe jumbo lump crab cakes, meyer lemon beurre blanc, fried flower bud capers, Alfonzo mango salad, avocado, blood orange, mascarpone emulsion.
30.00 USD


Brunch Burger!

8 Ounces Grass fed 100% beef patty with and egg, Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato.
14.99 USD

Pork Belly Burger!

Granny smith apple onion jam, chipotle mayo, bacon, fried egg.
14.99 USD

Petites Assiettes

French Burger

Fire grilled, grass feed beef with caramelized onions, blue cheese and frittes.
16.00 USD

Stuffed Quail

Venison sausage, oysters, mushroom stuffing with a demi glaze.
18.00 USD

French Dip

Roasted prime rib, thinly sliced, Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and chives, serve with all natural au jus and frittes.
18.00 USD

Charcuterie & Fromage

30.00 USD

Croissants And Burgers

Croissants and burgers come with fries.

Crab Salad

Our famous lump crab salad with lettuce, tomato in our house dressing.
16.99 USD

Mortadella & Black Forest Ham

Mortadella, black forest ham, lettuce, tomato, havarti cheese, red onion, oregano, red wine vinaigrette.
12.99 USD

Roasted Turkey Breast

Roasted turkey breast with bacon, avocado, havarti cheese, honey comb dejon.
12.99 USD


Sunday Funday Chocolate Brownie Waffle

Brownie waffle, with chocolate shavings, candied walnuts, carmel, vanilla ice cream, powdered sugar and whipped cream and a cherry on top.
13.00 USD

Carrot Cake Waffle

Carrot cake waffle, cream cheese butter, candied walnuts, powdered sugarand whipped cream.
13.00 USD

Chicken & Waffle

Waffle with chicken strips.
14.00 USD

Signature Entrees

Market Steak

Market steak served with 2 eggs, house potatoes and hollandaise sauce.
22.00 USD

French Cut Pork Chop

Char grilled pork chop with house potatoes and 2 fried eggs.
18.00 USD

Sides And Additions

Sausage Link

3.00 USD

Pico De Gallo

0.50 USD

2 Eggs

2.50 USD


1.50 USD

Tomatillo Salsa

0.50 USD


4.00 USD


2.50 USD


2.50 USD


3.00 USD

2 Eggs

2.50 USD

Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes

2 hand formed lump crab cakes with mango relish, hollandaise sauce, lemon aioli, avocadoand walnut citrus greens.
22.00 USD

Duck Confit Hash

Our tender confit duck, served with potatoes, bell peppers, onion, green beans, shredded cheese, dried cranberries, 2 fried eggs and tomatillo salsa.
16.00 USD

Brisket Hash

Slow roasted brisket, served over potatoes with bell peppers, brussels sprouts, onion, shredded cheese, 2 fried eggs and tomatillo salsa.
14.00 USD

Prawn & Grits

Marinated grilled jumbo shrimpandouille sausage served over buttery Gouda cheese grits with a savory spicy broth.
18.00 USD
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