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Kildare's Irish Pub is a restaurant located at 826 W Dekalb Pike, King Of Prussia, PA 19406. Kildare's Irish Pub serves several menus including Appetizers, Salads, Main Dishes and Side Orders. Check out the latest price of Kildare's Irish Pub menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.


Traditional Irish Smoked Salmon

smoked salmon served with mixed greens and an irish whole grain mustard mayonnaise
8.95 USD

Whiskey Buffalo Wings

fried to perfection with kildare' whisky buffalo sauce and garnished with celery sticks and blue cheese
7.95 USD

Farmhouse Irish Potato Cake

a traditional potato cake served with organic greens and natural yogurt dressing
6.95 USD

Trilogy Sampler

a combination of our crab and avocado, irish smoked salmon, and pepper encrusted rare tuna
14.95 USD

Prince Edward Island Mussels

steamed mussels infused with leeks, tomatoes garlic and white wine topped with a pesto crostini
10.95 USD

Cheddar Cheese Dip

vintage wexford cheddar melted slowly and blended with white wine and garlic, served in a bread bowl with crusty bread for dipping
8.95 USD

Ale Battered Oysters

battered and fried until golden brown, served with our homemade tartar sauce
9.95 USD

Garlic Prawns

shrimp sauteed in garlic butter and served with greens and caramelized onion bread
9.95 USD

Fried Calamari

tossed in seasoned flour and fried until golden brown, served with whole grain mustard dipping sauce
8.95 USD

Irish Cheese Plate

wexford cheddar, goat cheese and brie served with fresh fruit and crusty bread
8.95 USD

Crab and Avocado Medley

avocado fan topped with crab meat dressed in a marie rose sauce, drizzled with fresh pesto and creme fraiche
10.95 USD


all salads served with kildare's fresh soda bread. Add a small house or classic caesar salad to any entree for only $1.99

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

herb crusted goat cheese served on organic greens with a fresh fruit compote
5.95 - 7.95 USD

Kildare's House Salads

a combination of mixed greens, asparagus, oven-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers and topped with kildare's house dressing
5.95 - 7.95 USD

Classic Caesar Salads

kildare's own creamy caesar dressing served with romaine lettuce leaves finished with parmesan cheese
4.95 - 5.95 USD

Honey and Tarragon Glazed Chicken

a combination of sweet and aromatic grilled chicken atop kildare's house salad
7.95 - 9.95 USD

Grilled Chicken

grilled breast of chicken atop kildare's classic caesar salad
6.95 - 7.95 USD

Tuna and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

sushi grade tuna steak grilled to medium rare and topped with sun-dried tomatopesto atop kildare's house salad
10.95 - 12.95 USD

Grilled Shrimp

fresh shrimp seasoned and grilled atop kildare's classic caesar salad
7.95 - 10.95 USD

Salmon and Citrus Mayonnaise Dressing

fresh grilled salmon fillet topped with a citrus mayonnaise dressing atop kildare house salad
9.95 - 11.95 USD

Portobello Mushroom

chester county's grilled portobello atop kildare's classic caesar salad
5.95 - 6.95 USD

Oyster Salad

fried oysters served with balsalmic marinated red onions and tomatoes atop mixed greens
10.95 USD

Main Dishes

Jameson's Chicken

oven baked 12-oz frenched chicken breast stuffed with garlic sage butter and topped with a jameson's whiskey sauce, natural fried potatoes and vegetables
15.95 USD

Seafood Pasta

smoked salmon, shrimp, scallops, mussels and cod infused with leeks and white wine in a cream sauce with pappardelle pasta
18.95 USD

A Drunken Micilin Og Steak

a tender 12-oz new york strip, char-grilled and smothered with a brandy peppercorn sauce on champ potatoes with vegetables and topped with crispy onions
18.95 USD

Herb Baked Cod

herb marinated and served with a garlic herb broth, vegetables and baby potatoes
14.95 USD

Old Style Pork Chop

char-grilled pork chop served with spiced apple demi-glace, natural fried potatoes and vegetables
14.95 USD

Goat Cheese Encrusted Salmon

baked and served with homemade mashed potatoes and vegetables
16.95 USD

Grilled Tuna

sushi grade tuna steak grilled to medium rare, topped with a fresh tomato-basil relish with homemade mashed potatoes
16.95 USD

Chicken Vegetable Pasta

chicken and fresh vegetables sauteed and tossed in a rich pesto cream sauce with papperdelle
13.95 USD

Beer Battered Fish and Chips

served like the best tradition of dublin. fillets of cod fried with an ale batter, served with chips, and homemade tartar sauce
13.95 USD

Rack of Lamb

served with mashed potatoes, vegetables and a rosemary demi-glace
22.95 USD

Grilled Chicken Breasts

served with a pearl barley pilaf and a roasted red pepper-pineapple salsa
13.95 USD

Side Orders

Colcannon Mashed Potatoes

2.95 USD

Baby Boiled Potatoes

2.95 USD

Sauteed Field Mushrooms

2.95 USD

Crispy Onions

1.95 USD

Selection of Vegetables

2.95 USD

Thick Cut Chips

2.95 USD

Sauteed Cabbage

1.95 USD

Baked Beans

2.95 USD


boxty is a traditional dish, common in the irish countryside, made from a potato pancake rolled and stuffed with various fillings. these simple ingredients, paired with our chefs expertise, creates an innovative and delicious dish

Chicken and Cheese Boxty

grilled chicken with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream, served with baby potatoes and vegetables
11.95 USD

Shrimp Boxty

shrimp and tomatoes sauteed with white wine and garlic, rolled with goat cheese, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
12.95 USD

Salmon Boxty

pan-seared salmon, asparagus, and red peppers with an herb cream cheese spread, topped with basil pesto, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
12.95 USD

Vegetable Boxty

lightly seasoned vegetables topped with provolone cheese, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables
8.95 USD

Boxty Breakfast

scrambled eggs, baby potatoes, tomatoes and cheddar cheese, served with fries
8.95 USD

The Carvery

build your own sandwich-the carvery is a long-standing irish tradition. found in most authentic irish pubs from blarney to dublin. select from the freshest breads, fillings and dressings of your choice to create the ultimate sandwich. all our sandwiches are served with organic greens, semi sun dried tomatoes and potato chips


soda bread, caramelized onion roll, parmesan cheese roll, foccacia, sourdough, kaiser roll, rye
0.00 USD


marie rose, crème fra fresh pesto, mayonnaise, whole grain mustard, sun dried tomato pesto
0.00 USD


rare roasted beef, corned beef, smoked Turkey breast, prosciutto, ham, brie, smoked gouda, aged provolone, vintage wexford cheddar, American cheese
0.00 USD

Sandwich, Chips, and Pickle

7.95 USD


all soups served with kildare's fresh soda bread

Colcannon Soup

a classic potato and leek soup with a twist of cabbage
5.95 USD

Soup Du Jour

ask your server for today's specialty
5.95 USD

Galway Bay Clam Chowder

clams, tomato, spinach and diced potatoes simmered in a lightly seasoned harp lager broth
4.95 USD

Sandwiches and Burgers

all sandwiches served with kildare's thick cut potatoes or chips

Signature Salmon Sandwich

grilled salmon fillet on sourdough and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and citrus mayonnaise
7.95 USD

The Dubliner Burger

delicious beef burger with rashers, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion marmalade served on an onion roll
8.95 USD

Irish's Ploughman

caramelized onions, asparagus, portabello mushrooms, tomato and mixed greens with an herb cream cheese on foccacia bread
6.95 USD

Crab Cake Sandwich

sauteed homemade crab cake on an onion roll with lettuce, tomato, and homemade tartar sauce
9.95 USD

Salmon Blt Sandwich

grilled salmon with rashers, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on pumpernickel
8.95 USD

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

a tender grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, served on an onion roll
6.95 USD

Ale Battered Fish Sandwich

soon to be famous beer battered fish. fried until golden brown and served with lettuce and homemade tartar sauce on a kaiser roll
7.95 USD

Grilled Tuna

fresh sushi grade tuna grilled to medium rare and served on an onion roll with pesto mayonnaise
8.95 USD

Jrish Originals

Connemara Styled Salmon

grilled salmon with an herb pesto served with colcannon potatoes and vegetables
15.95 USD

Traditional Irish Stew

traditional irish stew broth with lamb, potatoes and vegetables, stewed in their natural juices and served with kildare homemade soda bread
15.95 USD

Traditional Bangers and Mash

tomato, and mushrooms with an onion gravy
14.95 USD

Guinness Beef Stew

hearty meat and vegetables slowly simmered in a rich guinness sauce served over mashed potatoes
13.95 USD

Original Shepherd's Pie

ground beef, peas, carrots, celery and onions baked with mashed potatoes
12.95 USD

Ham and Cabbage

traditional irish fare served with homemade mashed potatoes
13.95 USD

Bewley's Irish Tea

bewley's teas have been an irish tradition for more than 160 years. bewley's legendary cafes have been one of ireland's best loved gathering places for over a century

Bewley's Irish Breakfast Tea

0.00 USD

Bewley's Irish Afternoon Tea

0.00 USD

Bewley's Earl Grey Tea

0.00 USD

Bewley's Decaffeinated

1.95 USD
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