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Replenish is a restaurant located at 2965 N Germantown Rd, Ste 115, Memphis, TN 38133. Replenish serves several menus including Coffees And Teas, Loose Leaf Tea, Blue, Purple, Red And Orange Juices and Green Juices. Check out the latest price of Replenish menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Coffees and Teas

Java Jumpstart Coffee

McCarter's Ethiopian, cocoa, chaga, maca, Himalayan salt, chia, vanilla and raw sugar.
3.00 - 6.00 USD

House Ground Coffee

McCarter's Ethiopian yirgacheffe, locally roasted and in-house ground.
3.00 - 6.00 USD

Hot Tea Service

Expertly brewed? to order in a cup or tea pot with optional cream and sugar.
4.00 - 7.00 USD

Cold Teas and Coffees On Tap

3.00 - 6.00 USD

Loose Leaf Tea

Angel Chai Tea

Assam and other black teas, clove, cinnamon and other spices with honey infused fresh ginger.
4.00 USD

Bulletproof Dandelion Tea

Roasted dandelion root and chicory, cinnamon, coconut, collagen and Himalayan salt.
4.00 USD

Earl Grey Lavender Tea

Earl grey with lemon and lavender.
4.00 USD

Chamomile Lavender Mint Tea

Chamomile and lavender flowers with peppermint.
4.00 USD

Lemon Hibiscus Tea

Jamaican hibiscus and lemon grass.
4.00 USD

Blue, Purple, Red and Orange Juices

BOC Juice

Beet and carrot, orange, lemon and ginger.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Orange Creamsicle Juice

Orange, pineapple, sweet potato and fresh coconut water.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Terrific Turmeric Juice

Organic turmeric, orange, grapefruit and pineapple.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Memphis Tiger Blue-Berries Juice

Coconut water, apple, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and lemon.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

B. B. King Juice

Beet, pineapple, blueberry, ? blackberry, raspberry and coconut water.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Green Juices

Great Greens Juice

Kale, green apple, cucumber, parsley, spinach, lemon and ginger.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Happy Day Juice

Kale, pineapple, green apple, lemon and ginger.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Green Machine Juice

Kale, cucumber, celery, green apple and lemon.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Japanese Orchard Juice

Green apple, lemon, green tea and matcha.
6.00 - 15.00 USD

Replenish Juice Feasts

The Replenish

3 green machine, 2 BOC2 and 1 Japanese orchard for burst of energy.
48.00 - 132.00 USD

The Athlete's Replenish

3 happy day and 2 BOC2 or 2 seasonal juices and house made fresh almond milk for carbs and electrolytes.
48.00 - 132.00 USD

The Soothing Replenish

3 green acres, 2 terrific turmeric, 1 chamomile lavender mint tea for calming and clear thinking.
48.00 - 132.00 USD

The Deep Replenish

3 great greens and 3 terrific turmeric for cellular cleansing.
48.00 - 132.00 USD

Awesome Smoothies

Memphis Sunrise Smoothie

Orange juice and mango.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberries and yogurt.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Chai Smoothie

Angel chai, ?cardamom, ginger and banana.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Pina Colada Smoothie

Fresh coconut meat, pineapple and mango coconut flakes.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

Strawberries, flax seeds, dates coconut oil and vanilla.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Premium Smoothies

Green Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie

Strawberries, blueberries, yogurt, sunflower seed butter and spinach.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Don Juan Julio Smoothie

Mango, kale, ? lime, mint and fresh coconut water.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Incredible Hulk Smoothie

Mango, kale, hemp, ginger, banana and almond milk.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Matcha Matcha Smoothie

Japanese green matcha, banana and almond milk.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Elvis Smoothie

Sunflower butter, banana, bacon and blackstrap molasses.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry, flax seed dates, coconut oil, vanilla and cocoa powder in a chocolate drizzle.
4.00 - 12.00 USD

Replenish Packs

Replenish Pack with Tea

12.50 USD

Replenish Pack with Smoothie

14.50 USD

Replenish Pack with Juice

16.50 USD


Lemon Detox

Lemon, cinnamon, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, organic honey and alkaline water.
5.00 USD

Tumeric Ginger Detox

Turmeric, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, cayenne, apple cider vinegar and organic honey alkaline water.
5.00 USD

Great Breakfasts

Organic Oatmeal

Served with organic milk, blueberries, cranberries and raisins.
2.00 USD

Ms. Lillie's Z Muffins

A variety of yummy, moist zucchini muffins.
3.00 USD

Cage-Free Eggs

Hardboiled with? apple cider vinegar and Himalayan salt.
2.00 USD

Lydia's Healthy Edibles

A variety of colossal brown rice and naturally gluten free muffins.
4.00 USD

Soups and Salads

Soup of The Week

Creamy cucumber secret detox soup. Cucumbers, avocado, fresh herbs and organic apple cider vinegar.
2.00 - 5.00 USD

Northwoods Bean Soup

Brothy, creamy, yummy- northern beans, turkey kielbasa, herbs and spinach.
3.00 - 5.00 USD

House Salad

Massaged kale, sundried tomato, avocado, olive oil, lemon, sunflower oil, balsamic vinegar, himalayan salt and tamari.
2.00 - 5.00 USD

Pizzas and Wraps

Inspiration of the Week

Spinach, organic hummus, marinated portabella mushrooms, avocado, shredded carrots, cilantro, green onions, tomatoes and cucumber with basil pesto dressing.
6.50 USD

Green Pizza

Flatbread brushed with Greek pesto dressing topped with mozzarella cheese, Roma tomatoes, spinach and herbs and with basil pesto drizzle.
6.50 USD

Great Snacks

Carrot and Celery Sticks

A whole? mason jar full with the salad dressing of the week.
2.00 USD

Root Vegetable Chips

Crisped sweet potato, taro, parsnip and batata.
2.00 USD
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