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The Bean Counter is a restaurant located at 1911 West Iles Avenue, Springfield, IL 62704. The Bean Counter serves several menus including Non-flavored Beans and Lukewarm Beans. Check out the latest price of The Bean Counter menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

The Bean Counter Delivery Menu Prices:

Non-Flavored Beans

Bali Blue Moon

Bali blue moon is a dark roasted, organic coffee that grows in the kintamani highlands region and is shade-grown and water-processed. This brew is a classic, clean cup with great body and mildness. It has low acidity and possesses a smooth, syrupy taste with rich notes of dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and mild black licorice which leads to an unforgettable finish.
16.46 USD

Bean Counter Blend

Bean counter blend is a blend of Guatemala and sumatra coffee with sweet, sharp and spicy undertones. This is a medium roast with a mellow and smooth body.
16.46 USD

Colombia Supremo

Colombia supremo is a medium roasted coffee that grows in the andean mountain range and is harvested by hand and processed using a washing and soaking method. This brew is rich in flavor with tamarind undercurrents and a heavy and oily body.
16.46 USD

Costa Rica Tarrazu

Costa Rica tarrazu is a full medium coffee that grows in the tarrazu canton, a part of the talamanca sierra mountain range, at elevations of 3, 900 ft or more. This higher elevation slows the maturing process of the beans which leads to a clean, light, and perfectly balanced body with a bright, smooth, and sweet nutty finish.
16.46 USD

Espresso Blend

Espresso blend is a secret blend of many different beans that result in a rich and pungent flavor with smoky chocolate undertones. This dark roasted blend has a heavy and thick body and is best left whole bean and ground as needed to produce the perfect amount of crema.
16.46 USD

Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala antigua is a light-medium roasted coffee that grows in the sierra de las nubes, a part of the sierra madre mountain range, in a region that has ample rainfall, constant humidity, and elevations that reach 4, 600 ft. These factors lead to a complex, full-bodied brew that has smoky, chocolate undertones, hints of floral and spice and a low viscosity.
16.46 USD

Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra mandheling is a medium-dark roast that grows in the bukit barisan mountains. This brew has a smooth, full body, and boasts a tangy, and rich flavor with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, and molasses.
16.46 USD

Lukewarm Beans

Big Foot Coffee

"we here at lukewarm coffee were once skeptics too. For years, we dedicated ourselves to roasting only the best coffee for great folks like yourself, never giving a second thought to the existence of those so-called urban legends.
17.55 USD

Morningssuk Blend

Morningssuk blend is a dark roasted blend of sulawesi and Ethiopia.
16.46 USD

Red Eye Roast

Red eye roast is a special blend of coffees from South America and two African regions blended and roasted to a French roast.
16.46 USD

Ugly Blend

Ugly blend is a special blend of Kenya aa and Brazil santos roasted very dark.
16.46 USD

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble

Blueberry cinnamon crumble is a medium roast coffee that has a fresh, blueberry pie taste with a warm cinnamon background.
16.46 USD

Chocolate Turtle

Chocolate turtle is a medium roast coffee that has nuances of nut and caramel covered with rich milk chocolate.
16.46 USD

Frosty's Favorite

Frosty's favorite is a medium roast coffee flavored coffee with notes of creamy vanilla, nuts and cinnamon graham cracker.
16.46 USD


Hazelnut is a medium roast and a creamier version of the standard that has become our most popular seller.
16.46 USD

Highlander Grogg

Highlander grogg is a medium roast of sweet butterscotch and rum with more creamy top notes.
16.46 USD

Jamaican Me Crazy

Jamaican me crazy is a medium roast that is an island blend of kahlua, caramel and vanilla.
16.46 USD


Snickerdoodle is a medium roast coffee that is flavored with cinnamon and vanilla goodness. Just like your favorite cookie, this coffee is sure to please your sweet tooth.
16.46 USD
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