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Grimpa Steakhouse is a restaurant located at 901 Brickell Plz, Miami, FL 33131. Grimpa Steakhouse serves several menus including A La Carte - Dinner, A La Carte - Lunch, Cuts and Bar Menu. Check out the latest price of Grimpa Steakhouse menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Grimpa Steakhouse Delivery Menu Prices:

A La Carte - Dinner

Served with choice of soup or salad

Tender 10 oz.

Filet mignon on a bed of demi-glace mushroom sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes
27.95 USD


Cooked to perfection wrapped in a crunchy pastry, toped with a warm squash
28.95 USD

10 oz. Rib Eye

In a demi-glace mushroom sauce served with herb roasted potatoes
26.95 USD

A La Carte - Lunch

Served monday to friday. Two side dishes included. Side dishes: fried banana, mashed potatoes, rice, black beans, french fries, caesar salad, steamed vegetables, and vegetables soup

Grimpa Chicken Breast (8 oz.)

9.95 USD

Boneless Chicken (Rodizio Style) (8 oz.)

10.95 USD

Prime Sirloin (8 oz.)

12.95 USD

Rib Eye (8 oz.)

13.95 USD

Baked Salmon (8 oz.)

14.50 USD

Lamb Chops (8 oz.)

16.95 USD

Fillet Mignon (6 oz.)

15.95 USD


Baby Beef

This is the top part of the prime sirloin, for those who choose a rare or medium - rare cut

Boneless Chicken

A tender meat, low fat and with a delicate and mild flavor

Flank Steak

People from uruguay and argentina know this cut as vacio, which means empty. Located next to the hind legs, it offers a perfect combination of softness and rich flavor

Leg of Lamb

The domestic leg of lamb, sliced on the bone, is tender and full of taste

Pork Loin

A thin piece of the pork loin with barbecue sauce is unforgettable

Pork Sausage

Delightful pork sausages, seasoned and roasted to perfection


Selected fresh salmon, grilled just as long as it takes to achieve its best flavor and if you wish it can be served with our delicious sweet and sour passion fruit sauce

Top Sirloin (Alcatra)

A big piece made of long and extremely soft fibers. When the whole piece is quickly roasted on burning coal, as it is done here, it becomes a cut of a remarkable taste

Beef Ribs

The favorite cut of the gauchos is usually grilled in one piece, on the open fire. It is also the cut that has the greatest variety of textures and flavors, so it can be tasted in many different ways

Boneless Rib Eye

A special argentine cut, the rib eye is extremely soft. Considered the most appropriate meat to grill, it gets a rich flavor and a unique texture on a barbecue

Lamb Chops

Lamb usually has a delicate, almost sweet flavor, and lamb chops are the most tender and desirable part of the animal

Noble Prime Sirloin

Prime sirloin, at the end of the cut and the softest

Pork Ribs

A thin strip of pork ribs which is slowly braised on burning coal. It certainly makes a brazilian think of our traditional countryside cuisine

Prime Sirloin

Juicy and tender our picanha will make your meal even more special


All around the world this cut is known and appreciated for its main characteristic: the incomparable softness of its fibers. When grilled in the right way it gets crispy on the outside and almost melting on the inside

Meat Sauces

Chimichurri: herbs, garlic, olive oil, and a mild touch of pepper. Vinaigrette: onion, tomato, parsley, vinegar and olive oil. Barbecue: a slightly sweet-and-sour sauce made with tomatoes, vinegar and brown sugar. Mint: a delicious combination of mint, special vinegars and sugar

Bar Menu

Soft Drinks


Banana Bread Pudding

Delectable white chocolate custard, banana pudding, served with vanilla ice cream and caramelized banana

Brazilian Coconut Flan

A tasty treat,our coconut flan has an rich and perfect texture

Brownie A la Mode with Chocolate Syrup

Brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and a delicate chocolate syrup


Traditional cheesecake, topped with passion fruit syrup

Chocolate Petit Gateau

Decadent chocolate mini-cake. Crispy on the outside, served with vanilla ice cream

Cream Brulee

Delicious traditional vanilla cream flambee

Fresh Fruits

Fresh slices of mango, strawberries, pineapple and watermellon

Key Lime Pie

The florida favorite, topped with fresh whipped cream

Lime Creme Brulee

A twist was given to the traditional creme brulee. The delicate flavor with a refreshing lime taste finished with a sugar glaze

Papaya and Cassis Cream

A freshly blended papaya pudding topped with creme de cassis liqueur

Passion Fruit Mousse

This is a brazilian favorite. Creamy mousse carefully made of passion fruit, finished with freshly toasted almonds
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