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Caliente - Kings Beach is a restaurant located at 8791 N. Lake Boulevard, Kings Beach, CA 96143. Caliente - Kings Beach serves several menus including Botanas, Sopas & Ensaladas, Las Favoritas De La Palapa, Tahoe Tacos Especiales and Before Dessert. Check out the latest price of Caliente - Kings Beach menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Botanas, Sopas & Ensaladas

Chips & Salsa

served with charred tomato salsa
3.00 USD

Poblano Chicken Soup

Poblano peppers, grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, sour cream, tortilla strips

Nachos con Pollo

Shredded chicken, queso fundido, jalapenos, black bean puree, sour cream, pico de gallo
15.00 USD

Ensalada de la Casa

Field greens, mango pico de gallo, cotija cheese, pumpkin seeds, chipotle honey-lime dressing
8.00 USD

Don Tomas Guacamole

Fresh avocados, cotija cheese, tomatoes, spices, fresh lime
13.00 USD

Chicken Quesadilla

Flour tortilla, pepper jack cheese, sauteed peppers & onions, braised chicken tinga, sour cream, guacamole
15.00 USD

Cerveza Chile Relleno

Fire roasted poblano, queso fresco, cotija & jack cheeses, grilled corn, black beans, crema, guacamole
15.00 USD

Short Rib Flautas

Braised short ribs, black beans, jack cheese, red corn tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo
16.00 USD

Nachos Con Pollo

Shredded chicken, queso fundido, jalapenos, black bean puree, sour cream, pico de gallo
14.00 USD

Spicy Jalapeno Six Shooters

Bacon & cheddar stuffed, beer battered, hot & spicy jalapeno, shots, cilantro buttermilk ranch
3.50 - 19.00 USD

Baja Shrimp

Jumbo shrimp, stuffed with jalapenno & cotija cheese, wrapped in bacon, jalapeno jelly drizzle
13.50 USD

Las Favoritas De La Palapa

Fish Tacos

Corn tortillas, grilled snapper, apple-jicama slaw, guacamole, chipotle aioli
17.00 USD

Wet Burritto

Braised chicken or pork, cilantro-lime rice, black beans, tomatillo & charred tomato salsas, habanero aioli, crema
17.00 USD

Cabo Salad

Chicken tinga, fire roasted corn & black bean salsa, queso fresco, jalapeno, jicama, mixed greens, guacamole, pico de gallo, chorizo crumbles, chopped egg, honey-chipotle dressing
18.00 USD

Tahoe Tacos Especiales

1 of each, 2 of one, a 3-some, a 4-some- your choice

Chicken Tingas

Chicken braised in chili de arbol, chipotle, tomato, onion
6.00 - 28.00 USD

Carne Asada

Grilled skirt steak, charred tomato salsa, habanero-chipotle cream
6.00 - 28.00 USD

Braised Pork

Slow roasted pork, sauteed peppers, onions, habanero-chipotle cream
6.00 - 28.00 USD

Spicy Shrimp

Chipotle marinated shrimp, onions, peppers, chipotle cream, jicama slaw
6.00 - 28.00 USD

Before Dessert

Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla

9.00 USD

Chicken Tenders

9.00 USD


9.00 USD

Macaroni & Queso

9.00 USD

Black Bean & Cheese Burrito

9.00 USD

Tacos - Chicken or Beef

9.00 USD


Ice Cream Sundae

7.00 USD

Ice Cream Sandwich

7.00 USD


7.00 USD



3.00 USD


3.00 USD

Root Beer

3.00 USD

Shirley or Roy

3.00 USD

Virgin Chupa Cabra

6.00 USD

Root Beer Float

7.00 USD
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