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Ajisen Ramen is a restaurant located at 47890 Warm Springs Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539. Ajisen Ramen serves several menus including Appetizer, Ramen, Rice Set and Side Orders. Check out the latest price of Ajisen Ramen menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Ajisen Ramen Delivery Menu Prices:



2.50 USD

Cold Tofu

3.48 USD

Tofu Salad

5.25 USD

Corn Salad

5.95 USD

Fried Octopus

6.95 USD

Fried Squid

5.25 USD

Onion Cream Croquettes

6.25 USD


6.95 USD

Fried Pork Dumpling

3.48 USD

Satsuma Age

5.25 USD

Soba Mackerel

5.75 USD

Pickles Sets

3.48 USD

Fried Potato

2.95 USD

Party Set

14.98 USD


You can order Large Size Ramen (half-size extra noodle) for additional charge on any regular size ramen price. Enjoy your Ramen life & be happy!


Stir fried noodle
8.95 USD

Salad Ramen

Spring mix and wakame sea vegetables with sesame based sauce with special fruit essence
9.95 USD

Spicy Pork Miso Ramen

Ultra spicy hot pork.
9.45 USD

Paiku-Men (Premium Tender Ribs)

Slow cooked extremely tender ribs.
10.95 USD

Hand Made Premium Pork Ramen

10.95 USD

Umi Ramen

Mix of seafood soup stock and pork broth w-soy sauce flavor.
9.45 USD

Ajisen Ramen

7.95 USD

Sweet Corn Ramen

8.95 USD

BBQ Pork Ramen

10.95 USD

Tan Tan

9.45 USD

Rice Set

Comes with kimche, miso soup and rice.

Vegetarian Rice Set

8.75 USD

Beef Rice Set

9.50 USD

Tonkatsu Rice Set

8.75 USD

Pork Rice set

9.95 USD

Double Tonkatsu Rice Set

10.75 USD

Deluxe Fry Rice Set

1 Tonkatsu, 3 Fried Prawns, 1 Karaage
13.75 USD

Fried Fish Rice Set

9.75 USD

Side Orders

Chicken Karaage

6.75 USD


Mango Pudding

5.00 USD

Highest Quality Green Tea Ice Cream

2.75 USD

Mini Ice Cream

2.00 USD


Aquafina Mineral Water

2.50 USD

Starbucks Energy Mocha

2.75 USD

Tazo Organic Green Tea

2.50 USD

Oi Ocha Green Tea

2.50 USD

Fruit Spark

With ice cream float
2.50 USD

Flavored Tea

With boba additional charge
1.50 USD
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