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Golden Krust is a restaurant located at 197 Market St, Newark, NJ 07102. Golden Krust serves several menus including Soups & Salads, Sandwiches & Wraps, Patties and Breakfast. Check out the latest price of Golden Krust menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Soups & Salads

Jerk Chicken Salad

Our lick all your fingers jerk chicken on a bed of fresh greens

Soup of the Day

A different soup beef, chicken, red peas

Sandwiches & Wraps

Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Jerk Chicken Wrap

Grilled tortilla wrap stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, sweet peppers and our succulent jerk chicken in a savory sauce

Jerk Fish Sandwich

Spinach Wrap


Chee Zee Beef Patty

Flaky baked pastry filled with spicy ground beef

Chicken Patty

Spicy curried chicken wrapped in our signature pastry

Cocktail Patties

Jerk Chicken Patty

Chunks of marinated chicken slow roasted in the famous


All pastry, no meat, great buttery taste

Mild Beef Patty

The mild alternative to our popular spicy turnover

Shrimp Patty

Tender curried shrimp wrapped in a flaky doughy pastry

Soya Patty

Doughy whole wheat pastry filled with protein rich soy

Spicy Beef Patty

Flaky baked pastry filled with spicy ground beef

Vegetable Patty

Flaky whole wheat pastry filled with tender steamed carrots


Ackee and Cod Fish

Callaloo and Cod Fish

Cod fish mixed with spiced callaloo and tomatoes



Reggaefest Combos

Beef or Chicken Patty Combo

Coco bread and patty, the original combo. Not served with rice and veg

Jerk Chicken Combo

Chicken marinated in jamaican jerk seasoning and slow roasted

Whole Fish Combo

Wholw fish fried served escoveitch style with festival and krust. Not served with rice and veg

Curried Goat Combo

Goat meat marinated in curry and other caribbean spices

Stew Chicken Combo

Chicken braised in a dark sauce

Curried Chicken Combo

Curry drenched chicken on the bone

Braised Oxtail Combo

Tender braised ox tails, a real caribbean favorite

Sliced Fish Combo

King fish fried served escoveitch style

Jerk Fish Combo

Fish marinated in jamaican jerk sauce and grilled to perfection

Side Orders



Fried Plantains

Rice and Peas

Steamed Vegetables

Tender broccoli, cabbage and other greens

Tofu Sauted in Vegetables

A delight blend of sauted vegetables

White Rice


Bulla Cakes

Hard circles of ginger flavored sweet cakes

Bun and Cheese

A slice of jamaican cheddar cheese between 2 slices of spice bun

Carrot Cake

Delicately spiced american carrot cake with semi sweet icing

Coco Bread

Duck Bread


Baked pastry shell filled with sugared, gingered flavored grated coconut

Hard Doygh Bread

With sandwiches or on its own

Rock Cake

Crunchy outside, fluffy inside with bits of coconut throughout

Round Bun

Rum Cake or Fruit Cake

Rich, dark fruit cake soaked in famous jamaican rum

Sliced Cakes

Choose from slices of banana, coconut, rainbow

Spice Bun

Soft, dark, sweet bread with fruit and raisins

Sugar Bun

Soft, spongy, cinnamon swirled roll topped with brown sugar

Tutti Fruiti

Wheat Bread

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