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Firefly Coffee House is a restaurant located at 131 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Firefly Coffee House serves several menus including Bagels and Specialties. Check out the latest price of Firefly Coffee House menu and compare it with our price. Prices may change at any time, so be sure to check our prices before you order.

Firefly Coffee House Delivery Menu Prices:


Made in house from scratch daily. Served until sold out. Selection varies daily.


3.00 USD

Bagels Toasted with Spread

3.75 USD


Firefly Everything Bagel

Bagel with your choice of spread bacon, avocado, tomato, jalapeno and onion.
6.75 USD

Greenie Bagel

Bagel with cream cheese or goat cheese, pesto, jalapeno and avocado.
6.75 USD

Kiss Em' Bagel

Bagel with hummus, capers, artichoke hearts, tomato, onion and herbs.
5.50 USD


Tango: bagel with spread and avocado.
4.75 USD


Cash: bagel with spread and bacon.
5.75 USD

Schmutz Bagel

Bagel with schmutz garlic, jalapeno, chili pepper and artichoke heart spread.
4.75 USD

Hangover Helper

Bagel with cream cheese, bacon 12 Ounces brewed coffee with an espresso shot 1 package of emergen-c.
7.00 USD

The Situation

Bagel, egg, cheese, firefly potatoes and cream cheese.
6.75 USD

The Spanish Situation

Bagel, egg, cheese, black beah hash and cream cheese.
6.75 USD

Cosmo Nosh

Open face bagel, cream cheese, potato or black bean hash and melted cheese.
5.75 USD

Pizza Bagel

Open face bagel, cream cheese, potato or black bean hash and melted cheese.
6.25 USD


Double egg, firefly potatoes, or black bean hash and melted cheese.
5.00 USD

Not So Bash

Double egg and melted cheese.
4.00 USD

Monkey Nuts Bagel

5.00 USD
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